How to use phpMyAdmin to reset the WordPress password

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In cPanel or other host management systems, find the phpMyAdmin management tool. CPanel translates it into "phpMy management" in Chinese, indicating that this word is a combination of PHP + MySQL + Admin. As shown in the following figure:
After entering phpMyAdmin, click the corresponding database in the left-side navigation bar. As shown in the following figure:
However, you can see many data tables. In this example, we see that the data table prefix is "wp _", which is the default WordPress prefix, but this is usually not safe. We recommend that you modify the prefix whenever possible when installing the WordPress blog. However, click the data table wp_users, as shown in the following figure:
We can see that there is only one wp_users record in this database, that is, there is only one WordPress user. If you have multiple WP users, be sure not to click the error. Click edit. As shown in the following figure:
Then, you will see the data editing table as shown in the following figure. User_login stores the username and user_pass stores the original password. You may have noticed that user_pass does not save the password you set. This is because WordPress uses the MD5 encryption algorithm to encrypt user passwords for security reasons. Therefore, we also need to use the MD5 function for encryption when setting a new password here.
If we want to set the password to "12345678" (of course, this password is extremely insecure and is not recommended), select MD5 in the function column, enter the new password (12345678) in the value, and then click the execution button below, as shown in the figure below:
Now, you have successfully modified the WordPress website password through The phpMyAdmin tool. Try using a new password to log on to your WordPress website.

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