How to use PowerPoint template to make small ball swing effect

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1, start PowerPoint2010, set the background color, slightly decorated.

2, add text to the title box, and draw the outlet and small ball.

3, set the line and the color of the ball, edge effect, so that it looks like a ball rather than a circle.

4, the line and small ball together.

5, the key step, we note that the mouse to move to the top of the line, press and hold the keyboard Shift+ctrl key to draw a circle, then appear to the top of the line as the center of the contour, change the diameter size, so that it can cover the ball.

6, the great circle is set to colorless without lines, with the ball combination.

7, add animation effect-spinning, why do you want to draw a great circle? Gyro is only 360 degrees of rotation, although it can change the degree, but not like the clock to sway, but around the center of their own rotation, do not know that everyone understand.

8, set the action effect, custom for 30 degrees, remember to tick automatically flip, otherwise only blindly to the side pendulum.

9, set the number of swing and cycle, not easy too fast.

10 Press Shift+f5 play, a simple small ball swing effect on the production completed slightly!

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