How to use PowerPoint's recording function

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PowerPoint is easy to learn and Easy-to-use software, many teachers are using it to make courseware, but do not know whether you have experienced its recording function, come with me to feel it.

Courseware needs to be vivid, if you do not like to use Windows-owned "tape recorder", and feel that downloading other software is too cumbersome, then use PowerPoint Bar.

Open PowerPoint, create a new presentation, select Insert/movie and sound/record sound, turn on the recording dialog, press the Red recording button, and you can record. The length of recording in this way is limited only by the amount of hard disk space left.

One thing to note is that the recorded sound is included in the PowerPoint file, and if our courseware is made with software such as Authorware or flash, then we have to separate the sound from the PowerPoint file into a separate WAV file, After recording the sound, save the presentation as, saving the type Select a Web page so that you get an HTML file and a folder with the same name, open that folder, and the WAV file you want is inside.

In addition, the record narration command in PowerPoint's slide Show menu can also be used for recording, and you can set the quality of the recording to make it easier to have a link narration option at the bottom of the Record Narration dialog box, which is selected. The recorded sound can be saved directly to the specified location on your hard disk in WAV format. Unlike recording sounds under the Insert menu, recording sounds is recorded in the editing state of PowerPoint, and "record narration" is recorded in a slide show state.

By the way, there are a variety of sources of sound when recording through sound card, such as "microphone", "line Input" and "Stereo mixer". Double-click the small horn icon on the taskbar, in the main Volume dialog box that appears, by clicking Properties under the Options menu, select Audio, and then click OK. In the Recording Control dialog box, you can choose from the actual situation. Use the microphone to select "Microphone (Microphone)", with a dedicated audio cable through the sound card line input port record recorder, VCR and other equipment output voice to choose "Line input (lines in)", with "internal record" To record the sound of the sound itself output to select the Stereo mixer (in Windows 98, depending on the different sound card optional "mono mix," "Stereo mix" or "synthetic").

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