How to use PPT to make mouse creative text effect?

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PPT to create a mouse creative text effect tutorial, the whole process is more complex, but hope that through this copy of the tutorial, to help you more in-depth understanding of the PPT of the use of shape editing tools.

Use the Segoe script font to enter the English text. This font is characterized by pen handwriting, which is ideal for making mouse-line effects.

Observation of the text effect, because the final effect of the need to form a continuous edge line, so like the letter J to break out of the text of the word alone requires processing. If your luck is good enough, the input text is fully connected, and you can save a lot of effort.

Inserts a rectangle over the text, and then selects both, using the merge shape-intersection to convert the text to a shape.

Now we have to solve the problem of pen processing: Imagine if it is handwritten text, you will be how to connect the pen, such as from J to E, it is obvious from J to the left side of the closure of the end of the bend, even to the pen of E.

Using the "curve" tool, draw a pen to match the stroke to make up the shape, pay attention to keep the strokes of the weight and nature.

Use the Merge shape-union to combine the newly drawn shape with the original text shape, but notice that two E's interior forms a closed loop, which is inconsistent with what we want, and therefore needs to be modified.

Refer to the scheme of the following diagram to draw a freeform in the case of a broken pen, and then use the merged shape-cut off to create a broken pen.

Right-click on the text shape, into the editing vertex mode, will be broken pen of natural sharp corner repair Sleek, this step requires a certain degree of patience, can not be sloppy, otherwise it will affect the final effect. The operation can enlarge the view scale, use the moving vertex comprehensively, delete the vertex, change the vertex type and so on.

The end of the mouse line must be connected to the screen directly below the mouse, and the other end need to extend from the right side of the screen. So we also use curves to draw this part of the line.

Draw the mouse line using the Curve tool. Because they are connected to the original graphic, we need to draw a closed graph and later treat them as lines.

Combined graphics (in order to fully display the following operation, I moved the graphics position, so that the outside part of the picture also fell into the interior of the screen.) We can do it in situ without moving it.

Observation of the graph, the letter J lower the original letter and the new drawing graphics at the combination of too sharp corner, and redundant bends, need to enter the edit vertex mode to further repair.

The effect after trimming is shown in the figure. Since we don't need the bottom and right border lines, we need to turn the graph into an open path in edit vertex mode and delete the unwanted segments.

Enter edit vertex mode, right click on the line below, select Open path. At this point, a new vertex is generated in the lower-right corner of the shape, and an open state is formed.

Delete the two vertices, and then change the shape to a gray line, 2.5 points wide, no fill. The effect is shown in the following illustration (here I move the graphic here to get it back to its original position.) )

Set three-dimensional format for the sideline: the material is set to "plastic"; the shadow is set to "strong" and the angle is 70°. Finally, set a little shadow effect.

Inserts the mouse the picture material (may own on-line search), prevents to the mouse the bottom. Combined with the proportion of the screen, you can also adjust the vertex of the mouse line, the final effect as shown.

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