How to use PPT to make the local virtual effect of the picture?

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Since the use of Powerpoint2013, even if you do not use other image processing software, you can easily do the partial virtual image, the image of the advantages of virtual, in addition to the image from the same static, visual feeling stronger, highlighting the local focus of the picture, but also to keep the text more clean background, Make the text clear and easy to read, make the picture clean and comfortable.

The use of PPT to create a partial virtual effect of the picture, need to use the ppt2013 of the image of virtual effect, combined with the small picture cutting skills, easy to do the local virtual effect of the picture, a try it.

Depth of knowledge Literacy:

Part of the virtual, in fact, photography is often said that the small depth of area. The so-called depth of field is that when the focal length is pointed at a point, it can still be clearly defined. It can decide whether to blur the background to highlight the subject, or to take a clear background. We can often see photographs of flowers, insects, and so on, the background is blurred (called small depth).

But in photography or group photos, landscapes and so on usually take the background as clearly as the object (called the great depth of the fields).

Not long ago I tried to make a few graphic charts. This is two of them:



It is quite subjective to find that the overall effect of a graph seems to be better than B-graph.

Careful observation is not difficult to find, the difference between the two groups lies in the background picture deep processing,

A map of the local fuzzy effect of the overall to express the data information, the screen at a glance, very clear;

b Picture of the whole background picture of the same clarity, resulting in the overall picture is relatively messy, primary and secondary recognition performance slightly inadequate.

Is there any way to freely control the depth of the image application?

Professional photographic equipment can be achieved

Photoshop can easily achieve local blur effect

PPT can also be easily achieved, and only three steps

And look at the following tutorial: Three steps to achieve the effect of local virtual image

First step: Background fill

Insert picture, adjust to best picture

Copy Picture set background format clipboard picture Fill (The purpose here is to make the picture in the background picture and canvas overlap so that the picture with clear foreground and background blur can be completely coincident)

Step two: Edit the main area

Polygon tool, outlining body outline

Formatting shapes Slide background fill

Soft shape edges, parameter self tuning

Step three: The original image is blurred

Select the central Plains layer, the artistic effect of fuzzy, parameter debugging.


Summary: Tutorials are a little hard to understand, it may be the outline of the main body, here is in fact, in order to make the main figure clear, but with a vague but background fusion, the need to let the body but also around the formation of soft but vague dare, so use the contour to pull the map, and then fill the background with the background map, and then Can make the two perfect fusion.

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