How to use PQ Division Magician

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An illustrated tutorial on PQ Division Magicians

PartitionMagic, referred to as PQ, PM. It is a disk partition management software produced by Norton Company. It can be implemented in Windows without affecting the data in the case of disk partition adjustment, repartition, partition size adjustment, merge partitions, transform the disk partition format and other functions.

But the use of a certain risk, if the operation method is improper, may cause partition loss, data loss, so in the operation of it, must be very clear what you are doing, you need very skilled operation skills to operate it, otherwise to the final data loss, disk lost, just know his bad, that has been late. It has a DOS version and Windows version of two, the General DOS version used in the bare metal partition management, Windows version of the Windows interface under the operation to complete the partition, partition size adjustment, merge partitions, the transformation of disk partition format and other functions. Here's how to use it:

First, with a DOS version to bare metal partitions

The DOS version of PQ is available on many ghost system disks, and the starting interface is as follows:

The following zoning, zoning ideas: 80G hard disk, divided into three areas, C disk 10g,d disk 30g,e disk for the remainder.

Click Job-Establish

Set primary partition (that is, C disk)

Set the partition format

Set Partition size

Set the point after the completion of the C-disk partition

Then the same steps, dividing the logical partitions (that is, D and e disks)

After dividing all partitions, be sure to activate the primary partition. Many people forget this step, resulting in a failure to start.

Activate primary partition: Select C disk, then job--advanced--Set as function

OK after clicking Execute so just all settings are in effect

This completes the partition work, install the system.

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