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With all kinds of micro-blog, video site popular, a variety of "sun annual" also began to become popular. The coveted year-end award, the hottest video, the exquisite picture, every detail is a chord in our hearts. And in a blink of an eye, these content will disappear like a cloud, want to save the memories after it? Please follow me and see how you can save your network memory with a proud browser.

Multi-media olfactory probe

The first need to use the powerful tool is the multimedia sniffer function, in the video, audio, and even pictures of the page, sniffer can easily find the Web page of video, audio, pictures and other resources, and can save, download.

Proud of the browser's sniffer function is very powerful, and in order to be more user-friendly, proud to provide users with a number of start sniffer function of the portal.

"Figure I"

In addition to a single video, pictures, etc. to sniff, save, AO Browser sniffer function can also the current page of multiple video, pictures for bulk download.

"Figure II"

Screenshot of page

The second introduction to everyone's tool is proud of the browser screenshot features, AO browser screenshot features easy to use, you can click the browser in the upper right corner of the screenshot button enabled, you can also use the shortcut keys "Ctrl+f1" and "Ctrl +f2" to enable.

"Figure three"

For our purposes, it is obvious that the screenshot is a very useful feature. When we see a long and illustrated Web page, you can use the actual page screenshots complete, not distorted to save.

Quick Save Pictures

Finally, introduced to everyone is the ability to quickly save a single picture of the Fast Save function, click on "Avatar-Options-page content", you can open and manage this feature.

"Figure IV"

The Quick Save feature saves the picture to the specified folder by pressing CTRL and the left mouse button at the same time. Its convenient mode of operation, so that the operation of the preservation of the picture really into a "lift."

With these means, I believe that the beautiful light and shadow of the annual meeting will not be dispersed like a cloud, no matter when, these memories will be complete in your computer in the middle of the memory you recall.

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