How to use PS to create 3D texture font effects

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This PS Text processing tutorial is not difficult, we just follow the steps step by step to do it. At the same time, there are some special effects in this tutorial we need to use the AI to achieve, but it is not difficult, below you follow me step-by-step to do it.

Effect Chart:

The first step: we first open the AI, and then enter the font in it, here can be used any font, we have to learn skills.

Figure 01

Step two: Then we go to effect >3D> bulge with bevel. The settings are as follows:

Figure 02

Then select the font, to the object > expand the Appearance. Use the Magic Wand tool to select the top layer of the font, and then drag the layer with the direct selection tool.

Figure 03

Step three: Now in the following manner.

Click the arrow tool. Click on a letter. Then ungroup, deselect all letters later, and press Ctrl+g to merge. The following layers are also merged, notice here that two are merged separately.

Figure 04

When we are done, we export the PSD format file.

Fourth step: Now we open the material. The second material can not be saved, we directly with screen shots, how to screenshot I do not have to say more.

Gray Texture Material Download

Old material Download

Put the material in the canvas and set:

Figure 05

And then the second one:

Fill to: 45, blending options: color depth.

Figure 06

Step Fifth: Then we put the made fonts in. Here to the Guide to merge (here I made a small place did not do well, so import into the PS when the shadow part of the following layer, so the merged here is OK)

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