How to use PS to quickly create a very strong three-dimensional polygon portrait

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Polygon portrait is very popular, the production process is not difficult, but to do a good job or to spend a certain amount of effort.

Process: The first selection of good people like pictures, preferably high-definition large image; Then create a new layer, using the pen or lasso tool to start the hook polygon selection from the head, and fill in the middle area of the color, such as the details of the features such as the polygon span not too large, to avoid the impact of details; After the polygon is hooked up, still need to adjust constantly, make the ; Finally, add some decorative elements and text.


Final effect

1, lay a good site:

First, create a vertical file (the size of the file is based on your decision, recommend 300dpi), and place the photo you want to use in the file, and create a new layer 1 (used to sketch the polygon).

2. Choose to write:

Select the tool in the Toolbox to tick the triangle selection: the pen tool or the Polygon Lasso tool, and then work in the new Layer 1, proposing to sketch from the head, analyze the head structure, and use the Pen tool to set three points until the area is sealed.

3. Transform the constituency:

Press CTRL + ENTER to convert the pen to a selection after the three-point button is closed.

4, the casing to take color:

Select the Eyedropper tool in the Toolbox to draw the color that summarizes the area in the middle of the selection.

5, Fill color:

Select the Paint Bucket tool in the toolbox and populate the selection with the color you just absorbed.

6, repeat the process:

In this stage, the most need is patience, whenever summed up a surface area, with the corresponding color of the region to fill the uniform monochrome.

It also involves some basic sketch modeling basics, how to deconstruct and distribute triangles in five senses, and how to match the size and simplified of triangles. These need to choose and experiment, and even some areas of the triangular color can not be simply based on the color of the corresponding region, the need for subjective treatment, so that can better do the interface of the relationship.


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