How to use QQ sharing screen? QQ Sharing screen Use tutorial

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1. We open QQ and then find a friend and click to share in the Chat window. As the picture goes into the QQ sharing settings interface.

2. After opening, we will see that there are two ways to choose one is to share the window, one is to share the local domain. Sharing window is based on a software window to set the sharing window size, the other way, is to use a custom size to set.

3. Sharing operation is very simple, if we choose the first one we click on the realization of the first to share OH.

4. Then your friend will see your request, and he'll just have to accept the entry.

5. The second is the way of customizing the window, which can be a full-screen selection. Then click to share immediately and share the current screen with your buddy's computer. The first figure, is the share, the second image, is the recipient's picture.

6. And then like the article head all QQ sharing can also share files or direct distance education OH

Friendly tips, we have to use the QQ sharing screen features We must first use the latest version of the QQ Oh, otherwise there is no this function ah.

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