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This article picks up the sixth chapter from the speech: using slides to convince the world.

Speakers rely on creativity, graphics, and stage play.

Successful speakers never follow a slide, but instead focus on translating content into understandable visual stories to support their point of view. A good visual story can deliver the clearest message to the audience, which requires a reasonable slide layout support.

A speaker who does not know how to lay out a reasonable layout, piling everything into one slide and not highlighting the point. In fact, it is important to identify which elements should be highlighted, highlighting key information and weakening secondary information to attract viewers ' attention.

Only lazy people will put all the content on a slide.

The different layouts of slides can give the audience a different feeling of nervousness, confusion, and anxiety. Idea, if you apply the principle, you can make the information appear most clearly:

1. Contrast: The audience can quickly locate the key.

2. Process: The audience understand the order of information transmission.

3. Level: The audience can see the relationship between the elements.

4. Consistent: The audience understands the consistency between the messages.

5. Distance: The audience understands its meaning from the distribution of elements.

6. Leave White: Give the audience a visual breathing space.

How do I make comparisons on slides?

By contrast, viewers can quickly discover the differences between things and focus on this.

The difference in size, shape, shadow, color, and spacing can play a prominent role.

As the example in the picture, the large size is always more attractive to the eye, it is like a title or paragraph purport, make people feel more important. At the same time, color can also create a contrast effect.

When using comparisons, keep in mind that you do not use comparisons aimlessly. The visual and stylistic differences between the elements will affect the audience's perception consciously or unconsciously. Use the contrast casually, the light is vague willing, the heavy is distorted willing. So, make sure you have a clear intention before you do the design.

How to deliver information to the audience?

Viewers will scan the contents of the slides until they have finished reading them. Sometimes, in order to emphasize a point of view, you can let the audience read the information in the opposite order, allowing the audience to follow the order of your design to understand the content. Or use tags, arrows indicate the starting point, so that the audience can follow the point to receive information, not easily lost.

Organize slides to guide the audience to understand the information smoothly. It also applies to charts and images.

How to let the audience see the relationship between the content?

How do you define a relational schema between a set of elements? Take the relationship between the title and the body as an example, at such a level, the title is the parent node, and the body is a child node.

How do you change the meaning of the expression by changing the size and spacing?

The visual structure can clearly map the information structure of the representative. As shown below, the relationship between the center of gravity radiation is well demonstrated. This center links all elements together and establishes a parent-child relationship.

Changes in the size and spacing of elements also change the relationship between each other and point to the importance of the element.

How to make the audience understand the consistency of information?

Can be achieved through the grid structure, the appearance of graphic styles and the creative theme of unrestrained creativity.

Why use the grid?

Using grid systems to fix elements allows them to look more organized rather than disorganized. In addition, the grid ensures smooth transitions between multiple slides, reducing the sense of visual jumping. For example, if three consecutive slides use a data graph, the position of the chart and the axis should remain fixed, even if the data for each chart changes.

Once you've sketched out a simple grid, mark the position of the picture, text, and other elements to make sure there is enough white space left.

How do you get viewers to understand the meaning of an element's layout?

Random placement of elements and characters is not the same as the impression of elaborate design.

The arrangement between elements conveys different information: The following figure, opposition or support, confusion or order, reduction or growth, and so on.

The character's presentation should be in the spirit, even without the context of the explanation, without narration, the audience can still correctly understand the purpose of the message we want to express the design.

Why do you want to stay white?

First of all, white is not necessarily white, it refers to the unused space on the slide. It can be a space between other elements, or it can be a theatrical sensation that arises when an element is placed in a wide space.

The effective use of white leaves largely determines the quality of the whole slide. It's better to split the content into three slides than to plug it in one slide, and arrange the elements in order to help the audience gradually accept the information.

In general, those who sacrificed the white, stuffed full of slides, the content is too dense. If a page of slides is carrying more than its capacity, it is no longer suitable for speech tools.

Learn to stay white--stuffed with content is a failed design.

Try asking yourself: "What do I delete that won't change my meaning?" Or "Is it possible to divide a page of content into several pages?" Remember that the value of a slide depends on the clarity with which information is delivered, not the most-loaded information.

These are the essential tools for slide design. Successful speeches are absolutely inseparable from them.

Download the speech: Convince the world with slides sixth chapter PDF: download one, download two.

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