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Recently subtitles to find a way to control Internet Explorer through the voice. Originally to make subtitles, and then think that if the pure hand-made subtitles then the efficiency must be very low, as a programmer, instinctively thought of let the computer to help. To do subtitles is to recognize the text from the sound and then proofread the timeline. Very mechanized operation, very suitable for the computer to do. The solution was quickly found by searching. Use Microsoft Speech Sdk+python+pythonwin. While Microsoft's voice recognition engine is already strong, it has a long way to go to make subtitles. Subtitles do not work, but use it to manipulate the browser is more than wrong. It is very convenient to use the voice function to operate IE browser, as long as the statement is set, IE browser can automatically do the relevant operation.

Here are some of the features I've implemented. (The => symbol is preceded by the words you want to say, followed by the browser to perform the action)

"Display Browser" => open the browser, "Google" => into Google's page, "Baidu" => into the Baidu page, "Youku" => into the Youku page, and so on, "back" => return to the previous page, "Maximize" => maximize the browser, "dropdown" = > dropdown page, "Pull Up" => page, "Zoom in" => enlarge the page, "shrink" => reduce the page, "Close the browser" => close the browser.

Build test environment:

1. Download SpeechSDK51.exe and SpeechSDK51LangPack.exe from Microsoft website

2. Download Python2.6+pythonwin+wxpython and start speech recognition script files. Pack and download from here.

3. Install Speechsdk51.exe,speechsdk51langpack.exe

4. Install Python2.6,pythonwin,wxpython

5. Run Start menu-> All Programs->python2.6->pythonwin, select Tools-> COM makepy utility-> Microsoft Speech Object Library 5.0

6. In the voice of the Control Panel, select Microsoft Simplified Chinese recognizer in the language, select Microsoft Simplified in the Voice selection Chinese

When the environment is built, running the script can be used to manipulate the browser with sound. However, because of the power of Python+pythonwin, not only IE browser can do this operation, as long as the software can support the application of COM can display voice control, such as Microsoft's Windows Media player,word,excel software. It is highly recommended that you manually explore and create more interesting features.

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