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One, cool K song

Cool k song is a computer online K-song software, with cool music box, with a huge library of songs, through these libraries can completely meet the needs of the wheat Pa.

Two, the song of Nature K

Nature K Song is a set of karaoke video playback, audio synthesis, original sharing, online shopping and other functions in one of the K-song software, also has a rich K song resources, through this k song software you can fully appreciate the privileges of KTV venues, partners, start to move it, pick up your wheat, crazy up.

Third, the Mai ke crazy karaoke software

Maggie Crazy online Karaoke software is also a convenient and practical online karaoke on-demand software, the K-song software is the biggest bright spot is that you can keep your own proud to share with family and friends, but also original MV video, add album cover. is not very cool, then install this k song software, let you this mai really crazy up.

 Four, Quack karaoke companion

Quack Karaoke Companion is a professional music K song software, with hundreds of thousands of songs, sync lyrics, karaoke effect and a variety of unique audio effects, perfect embodiment of online karaoke effect, let you at home as karaoke OK.

The above is only small part of the four K-song software, really to say that the computer K song software which is really not good to say, can only say that each has its own advantages, the specific or the wheat tyrants themselves to experience it, only to experience you can really understand the computer K-song software which is good, quickly install the K-song software to light your voice, roar.

 The problems needing attention in the computer K song

One, the stereo is not sound

If the stereo is not sound it is possible that your computer is set to mute, double-click the sound of the lower right corner of the computer to set the sound and sound properties

  Second, the microphone has screaming

This situation is generally caused by the volume of the microphone is too large, we can turn the microphone volume to 1/2 or so.

The advantage of the computer K song

1, K song can not only increase facial muscle movement, improve the neck, facial blood circulation, but also to increase the human capacity of the body, slowing down the heart and lung function decline, known as the "aerobic fitness law." Foreign scientists have compared 20 old singers with their peers who do not often k songs, and found that the singer's chest wall muscle developed, heart-lung function is good, and rhythm is slow.

The study confirmed that the K-song is a breathing muscle under certain conditions of a movement, the benefits are no less than running, swimming, boating and so on, many professional singers live longer than the average more than 10 years.

2, K song can also make people's blood components change, help improve human immunity. K Song Although to the human body has many benefits, but also not the more the more. If the duration of the K song too long, easy injury and vocal cords, causing sore throat, hoarse voice and other discomfort. The best K song Way is, sing 15 minutes, rest for 10 minutes, the presence 15 minutes, rest 10 minutes, so cycle, every day K song total time is best not more than two hours.

3, K song in people emotionally can until soothing role, people in different growth period will have different emotional release, that in the song room will usually find you at this moment you can put their emotions into the music melody and lyrics mood. This is why usually people in love, lovelorn, a job, in love and pride often k reason, in fact, is that they can send a song, in order to achieve emotional balance. Psychologically speaking, balanced feelings contribute to the unity, health and longevity of the body and mind.

4, Vent: KTV box space small, light dark, will make nervous or depressed people have a sense of security. A depressed person expresses his or her feelings through singing, giving vent to feelings. This helps to improve their bad mood, satisfying their narcissistic tendencies and relieving stress.

5, Anti-Aging: If you sing lyric lyrics with sexy meaning, the body's gonads will be stimulated by the production of hormones, to prevent skin aging and improve the menopause barrier is quite helpful.

6, thin face: Put the singing with the lyrics of the emotions change expression, you can move to many usually difficult to move to the face of the organization, to maintain the skin elasticity, thin face effect

7, disease prevention: Put into the singing when the tension, and after the song after the relaxation, and repeatedly contribute to the balance of autonomic nerves, but also to prevent hypertension, regulating liver function and gastrointestinal function. Change gastrointestinal health.

8, Lose weight: K song when practicing abdominal breathing more can exercise abdominal contraction, improve back pain, to achieve the effect of weight loss. Singing the song of the bass can make blood pressure stable, the song of the long sound can eliminate the pressure, the fast rhythm song can lose weight.

9, Fitness: Sing a song such as running 100 meters, usually the singer in the concert will be weight loss, is entirely because day and night can practice song art, singing a song such as running 100 meters, K song for physical exertion of greater!

10, Bodybuilding: If the K-Song breathing method is correct, you can fully exercise abdominal muscles and expand the chest, play a breast-belly fitness effect!

11, enjoy: Music and songs can bring us the enjoyment of beauty, singing can edify our sentiments. Music makes us happy, music for our life added color, singing is a combination of language and music to express the feelings of an art form, singing can improve our cultural and artistic quality and self-cultivation, make people emotional rich, peace of mind. Feel the song, understand the song, learn to sing excellent songs at home and abroad for our ideological and moral self-cultivation, the influence of character sentiments, have a positive role. And like K song, like-minded song friends together K song can increase communication, deepen understanding, enhance friendship, singing so that we have increased the information, broaden the horizons, but also express feelings. Wonderful music, beautiful songs, can be harmonious, purify the hearts of people, inspire people's mind.

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