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System partition C disk space problem occurs, this may be required to be resolved. Because C disk is a system disk, there is not enough space will make the computer slow, affecting the operation of the program or game. When you buy a computer, C disk may have enough free space, but with the use of computers, application installation more and more, although many programs are installed to D disk, but individual programs will still occupy part of the C disk space, over time, the system partition C disk free space will be less and fewer, Eventually had to divide some space from the other disk to increase the size of the C disk.

Increase the size of the C disk in traditional partitioning software, the common practice is to first reduce the other disk (such as the reduction of D disk) so that the C disk after a piece of the next adjacent unallocated space, and then expand the C disk. Note: The premise of enlarging C disk is that there must be a contiguous unallocated space behind or in front of the C disk. If unallocated space is not adjacent to the C disk, the C disk cannot be enlarged. Here, using the Extended Partitioning wizard embedded in the partitioning assistant will break the traditional practice of increasing the size of the partition by increasing the size of the system disk to make it simpler and easier to operate.

Extended Partition Wizard

The Extended Partition Wizard is a useful tool embedded in the partitioning assistant, and you need to click the next few times and drag a slide bar to complete the expansion of the system disk (usually the C disk). This is the simplest way to increase the capacity of a C disk in the current disk partition management software. The wizard can also expand the non-system disk, the following to expand the C disk as an example of the use of steps:

1, download the free section Assistant, and then install and run it. You will see the following main interface, please click on the blue Circle option "Extended Partition Wizard". As shown in Figure 1:

Figure 1

2, and then start the Extended Partition wizard window, select the "Extended system Partition" option in this window and click the "Next" button, as shown in Figure 2:

Figure 2

3, after clicking on the next step of the map, enter this page, you can simply read the content of the page, and then directly click the "Next" button, the following Figure 3:

Figure 3

4, then you will go to select the page you want to narrow down the partition. Since the expansion of the C disk, this will necessarily require the use of other disk space, that is, the other disk surplus unused space allocated some to C disk to increase the capacity of C disk. C-disk capacity increased, but other disk space will be reduced. In the following page, the program lets you choose which disk space to divide into the C disk. Here only the D disk is selected from the list, which means to divide the space in the D disk to extend the C disk. Figure 4 below:

Figure 4

5, after clicking on the "Next" Figure 4, you will look at Figure 5, where you can drag the slider bar to set the new size of C disk. As you drag the slider bar to the right, you will also see that the size of the C disk is increasing and the D disk is decreasing, as shown in Figure 5 below:

Figure 5

6, set the new size of the C disk, please click on the "Next" Figure 5, into the confirmation execution page. In this page the program will tell you what to do. This is to extend the C disk from 60GB to 74.34GB, if you are ready to perform this extension operation, please click the "Execute" button to start execution. As shown in Figure 6 below.

Figure 6

When you click on "Execute" the program will pop up a dialog box telling you how much time it takes to perform these operations and provide you with "yes" and "no" two options, and click "Yes" to start the actual execution.


When a task operation is executing, never forcibly terminate the program, if forced to end the program this may cause data loss, so wait until the program automatically ends.

This wizard can only enlarge the NTFS-type partition, and if your partition is FAT32, expand it using the Partition Assistant main interface or use the Partition Assistant's NTFS and FAT32 converter to convert the FAT32 partition to NTFS and then use this wizard to expand it.

Operations such as expanding partitions or resizing partitions are achievable on the main interface of the partitioning assistant, so if you have problems using the Extended Partition Wizard, you can do so through the corresponding menu items in the main interface of the partition assistant.

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