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In the last time and we analyzed how to pass the external platform, to optimize the content of the keyword, found that everyone in the actual operation, let's not know how to do, so tonight continue and "Brothers Seoqq Group" continue to this method and way to analyze, hope this time, the use of actual cases, You can know how to do external information, to the keyword ranking.

First of all, a clear point: Use the external platform to do keyword ranking, not equivalent to the hair outside the chain. So, we remember that the road to tell you the use of external platform to do keyword ranking, not to tell you hair outside the chain.

Use the external platform to do keyword ranking, and use their own sites, such as the road I use their own "website to do the keyword" jining site optimization, he is a difference.

Use their own website to keyword ranking, the content needs original or false original support. If you are simply copying the contents of the station, it can be said that the time to do it is long, not impossible.

Use the external platform to do keyword ranking, the first place to pay attention to is the title. We must pay attention to this point.

In the station for keyword optimization, for example, I want to optimize the "Jining website optimization", you can modify the word, for example, you can write the title of "Jining website optimization How much money", "jining website optimization which good", "jining website optimization How to do" and so on similar.

Similarly, it can be improperly implanted in the content of the "Jining website optimization" To explain this problem, concise, similar to the plug-in language. That's what everyone says about the density problem.

In this respect, we can see the second in their own forum post, will add "jining forum", "Jining port" and other words, the purpose is to highlight the site's keywords.

In the station to do the keyword ranking, the core point is: What to do, the title is written. Be sure to remember this. I repeat, I must remember this. This is the decision that you do on the external platform keywords, there is no ranking key.

For example: The road to the external platform to do "Jining website optimization" The word ranking, all external information platform title is this. We can pass the word Baidu, see the first page and the second pages have a lot of my information, the first two pages now have 6 information are mine.

That's why I told you to rank the keywords through the external platform.

Rely on the site to do the keyword ranking, generally can only appear a message in the home page or the second pages, it is difficult to do a site more than 1 of the information appear in the home page, unless you do the content of the quality of the pages are very high. For example, one of my key words "jining Network Marketing" The beginning and end of the homepage, have my website, is to rely on strong content support, only to do up.

The purpose of this example is to tell you that as long as you do the title and content of the information, you can still let the home page and the second and third pages will have your information exist.

For example, to do the "electronic Dog", "navigator" ranking, on the external platform of the title is "Electronic Dog", is "navigator", do not add other modifiers, such as "electronic dog how much money", like this title, in the external information to give ranking position, basically not "electronic dog".

I hope everyone in the external information to do the title, you must remember this point. This is because, you use the external platform to do, is a single Web page, that contains your keywords information page, and not like their own site to give the majority of the ranking is the home page, rarely seen in the pages ranked.

Therefore, everyone in the external platform construction, the first point, is the title to do good and bad. In the above has said, no longer repeat.

In addition, we have finished the Core keyword ranking information, and the information has been effective. You can go to the rank of long tail words.

Like "tanker", through the construction of external platform information, already in the first page or the second page has ranked, next, you can according to the enterprise's products, to do long tail words, such as "Dongfeng tanker, car, Auman tanker, Dongfeng Small overlord tanker, special tanker" and so on, with the tanker, And companies do have this product, they go to do the ranking of information.

Can even more specific, with "8 tons of Dongfeng tanker, Shandong Car" and so on similar titles. The concrete will not give examples.

2nd: is to say to everyone, how to do the regional word ranking.

To do Jining, take "jining + keyword", to do Heze, take "Heze + keywords", to do Zaozhuang, take "Zaozhuang + keywords". Road to do their own keywords Heze rankings, you can write the title of "Heze website optimization" and so on.

Do not for easy and simple, in the title written "Jining, Heze, Zaozhuang website optimization." The result of this is that it is best to give a region a ranking, in most cases, basically no rankings.

How to choose the 3rd external information platform?

We can choose a lot of external platforms, classified information, business-to-business, blogs, forums, microblogs.

1, the choice of classification information platform. Can first search "place name + classified information", such as "Jining Classified information website", "Shenzhen Classified information website", ranked in the top 5 pages can be done. In terms of the current classification information platform, not a lot, there is time, we can do.

Use the area after sorting information site rankings, you can directly search the "classified information site", so that the ranking is not the same. will be able to obtain more information on the classification of web sites, for their own brush external information.

2, for the choice of business-to-business platform, you can search as "classified information site" like to search. No more repetition.

3, blog platform, the current relatively good blog platform is Sina blog, netease blog, news blog, Enterprise Bo Network blog, and some it community web site blog. Some portal blogs and large forum blogs can still be used, depending on the time you choose.

Time is pressing, you can choose a platform to do first, for example choose "Sina" to do keyword blog. Keywords, to emphasize that the name of the blog is your keyword, not anything else. such as "Electronic Dog", can also "electronic dog, navigator" and other names of the blog, generally do not exceed three words, only one word blog, ranking the best.

To do the blog, do is still the keyword ranking, rather than hair outside the chain, do not lose the sense of the chain of hair outside.

4, the forum, we can according to their own preferences and types, to choose industry forums, local forums are all right. To want your content not to be deposited, need you to design content, attract everyone's irrigation, become hot post. Road now focus on the forum main SEO class, in a push and 28 push left their own keyword information, ranking is still good.

The last is the source of the content.

Do not have to do outside the station information, like the station to carry out the complete original article. You can copy the information you feel wonderful, have time to revise, no time, direct aggregation. About the polymerization, the road has been said. Now repeat, how to find content.

Baidu, Google, Sogou, 360 search, search, Bing, instant, cloud search, these search engines can be used, that is, you can go to any search engine to find your content, even forums, micro-bo can go to find content, do not rigidly adhere to the Baidu family.

At the same time, do not adhere to the search engine presented by the "webpage" information, you can go to find the key word news, key words know the information, the key words picture information,

When you are not searching for information on a platform, go to another place to find it.

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