How to use the Golden Hill Guardian to uninstall the infrequently used software

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A lot of friends always have some computer software on their computers, think the computer shortcut icon deleted the software is not, in fact, delete is only a shortcut, the software program is still on the computer, here to share with you how to use the Golden Hill Guards uninstall the computer software is not commonly used.

1. First open the table on the Golden Hill defender, right click icon will appear in the dialog box left click Open.

2. Open the Golden Hill Guardian, find "software management" above.

3. In software management, select "Software Uninstall".

4. In the installation of software to find their own infrequently used software, in the back of the "uninstall immediately."

5. The software will pop up the dialog box, Kingsoft will first use the software itself uninstall function. At this time, depending on the software you want to uninstall, you can choose the next step.

6. If there is residue after the software uninstall, this time you can use "brute force sweeping" to clean the file in front of all the small check mark on the line, uninstall completed, Jinshan Guardian will be prompted to complete.


1. Use Jinshan Uninstall will appear after the software with uninstall function in accordance with the steps to uninstall do not click Cancel or will interrupt uninstall.

2. There are also some rogue software in the uninstall time will play word games such as let you reinstall must be clear and then choose Uninstall.

3. Some software installed to the system files, after unloading need to reboot, recommended to restart the prompts.

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