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Part I: Kisslink Kiss Routing Installation

Kisslink Router installation is quite simple, just to plug the power cord and network cable into the bottom of the power and network interface can be, as shown in the following figure.

Kisslink Kiss Routing Installation diagram

"Note" When installing the network cable, please pay attention to whether the cable is plugged in tightly. Network card port The orange-yellow light indicates kisslink is powering on, please wait a moment.

Part II: Kisslink Kiss Router Setup Tutorial

Kisslink router settings are also very simple, no need to use computer settings, only the use of smart phones/tablets/notebooks and other wireless devices, you can easily complete the initial settings. The following is an example of using a smartphone to complete the Kisslink setting.

I. After the Kisslink Kiss Route installation completes, when the blue light on the top is on, open the Smartphone WiFi setup interface, then tap the "Kiss" WiFi network, and then flash the blue breath lantern at the top of the Kisslink router, as shown in the picture.

Two. At this point, gently touch the smartphone to kiss the Kisslink router, as shown in the following figure.

Three. When you hear the beep, it means your phone has been certified successfully. At this time, please wait for 3-5 seconds, Kisslink will automatically in the Mobile interface pop-up router Settings page, the first set up the router needs you to enter the broadband account password, completed after the click Landing, as shown in the following figure.

Enter the broadband account password

"Note" Broadband account password is the telecommunications/Unicom or mobile Broadband account and password, provided by the operator, if you forget the broadband account password, please consult the Network service provider access.

Four. When the mobile phone display dial success, explain the Kisslink Kiss routing setup completed, immediately began to enjoy the wireless Internet experience!

Five. If the dialing failed after the start of dialing, it is possible that the operator account password you entered is incorrect, please confirm and re-enter the dial-up connection again. Dial again after the phone to show the success of dialing, immediately began to enjoy the Internet experience!

Today, there are many intelligent routers, but really can do 0 configuration, no password, a key to accelerate not many, and kisslink routers in this respect can be said to do very in place. The above is Kisslink Kiss route installation Setup tutorial, set very simple, if you just start Kisslinkkisslink kiss router can refer to the above tutorial completed settings. After the router is set up, there will be other mobile phone/tablet/notebook new equipment to the Internet, no need to set the above steps, direct Kisslink a kiss is connected.

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