How to use the new project name to deploy to Tomcat after the project name changes in MyEclipse2014

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When debugging in the project, I suddenly found that I copied the project (the project name has been modified) when the deployment in Tomcat is running in the original project name, so that I use the new project name as a URL request unexpectedly is 404, I went, then felt not good.

Of course, the months of work exercise have made me feel no tension. Just graduated from the Little program Ape encountered problems also do not be nervous Satan. The first step: see what information is output in the console; the second step: wrong to change the error, right again to look at the output of the information; step three: Find the final mistake, Baidu or ask the big God.

Hey, I was of course to ask myself first, found that the project is the name of the problem. After that, or ask the Niang, but before the old solution seems to be older: Right-click the project-"Properties-" myeclipse== "Web Context-root

But the egg: looking for a long while did not find, finally, in my careful inquiry under the finally found-it is my own a point to open only found. Give yourself the gold on your face. When I wrote this essay I had Baidu a bit and found a blog like me, this I have to affirm, is completely self-created Ah, and did not plagiarize

Attached link: with table Beginner's mind. It may also be the reason to search for keywords. The most important thing is that I finally learned a new skill get and celebrated my first essay. Ha ha!

How to use the new project name to deploy to Tomcat after the project name changes in MyEclipse2014

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