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Baidu search for the quality of the site to score a lot of webmaster in the research state, what kind of site layout will be favored by search engines, what kind of content can attract spiders to crawl the site, then we today to analyze what kind of site in different search results to the quality of the site to score requirements. Before 53 courseware net also wrote several about this kind of article, but the total feeling is not enough detailed, today will share an article with everybody to learn from each other!

First, the original requirements

Original requirements, refers to the user input search is to a specific article, usually with the title of the article, a sentence in the article search. And through the search can be located to a specific article.

There are two common types of original requirements:

Find an article, so as long as find specific articles, and then according to the quality of the article to give a rating;

Find the answer to a topic, this if only to find the topic document, there is no answer, then generally give the search score is very low, there are answers according to the cost (whether convenient) to give a higher score.

Note: The original search, the URL is often just hit this sentence, can know the source, contextual, source, etc., at least, is relevant, also can be. According to the quality, integrity or not to judge the demand satisfaction situation, often give the score is relatively moderate. If the original is determined to originate, the page score is quite high.

The original search sometimes appears in the entire article in a place, not easy to find, at this time can use the browser's lookup function to find. Use the Ctrl+f hotkey to call out the lookup interface, and then enter the search page to find it. For longer searches, especially those with punctuation marks, they may not be found because of a slight difference or because of the whole corner of the punctuation. It is recommended that you use a small portion of the search to find it.

For example: for the search "day will be reduced to the people also, must first bitter its mind", it is possible that the Web page does contain this sentence, but because the punctuation angle of the whole corner does not match and find. At this point you can find only the "Sky will drop to the people also", and then see if the found part of the context can match the search.

Second, question and answer class search

Question-and-answer search is a very common type, where users have problems and then want to search search engines for answers.

The general measure is: mainly to see whether the question is answered, the answer is accurate, direct and effective. Too professional questions, reference replies, comments and other feedback to determine the quality of the answer. If possible, find an authoritative answer to judge. There is no answer to the page generally give this page the score is very low.

Third, the game needs search

Game requirements, mainly for online play games, game downloads, as well as introduction, Introduction, video and other needs.

Addressing requirements: Go to the official website to play games;

Interactive operation requirements: Play games on a site;

Information requirements: Find the Kingdom of Locke and other related information

Four, picture browsing search

Picture demand, the more rich, the more clear and so the better, if the picture resources are invalid, cannot view, then there is no value, then this page to give the search feedback is an invalid page.

V. Novel Reading search

The demand of the novel category is mainly online reading, followed by downloading. The general assessment principles are as follows:

Original Official Book homepage, catalog page, the score is high, estimated to be full marks, even if some of the chapters need to buy permission to get a higher score; Other Site novels home page, catalog pages, updates to the latest chapters (or all the chapters ended), can be viewed free online, according to the quality of the page to score, such as too much advertising, poor layout, The score halved, the chapter is not very complete, the lack of a small number of chapters, according to the quality of the page, usually halved; only a few chapters can be viewed online, others lack or need permission to read, the general score is relatively low;

vi. Software Download Search requirements

The official website download page score is basically full marks, other pages should be no worse than the home page.

It is most important that the key factors of software requirements can be downloaded and used. If you can not download, the user value is very useful, software search scoring, but also consider the type of software, is not free software, or to spend money. Some important reference principles are as follows:

If the software is free or does not affect the use of shareware, well-known download station results, a higher score. such as search "Thunder Download", the sky, Huajun, the Pacific download page can be rated higher score, if the software to pay for registration, do not register restrictions on the normal use of the limited version of the results, the user information to obtain a higher cost, the score is lower; can be easily used in the version, take the median rating, such as "Photoshop download" , "AutoCAD download". The results are limited to downloading with some kind of download software, considering the popularity of downloading software. such as a lot of users have installed the computer thunder, if large software, online games can only be downloaded with thunder, can be installed by default users, do not affect the rating. If you want to use the Internet Express (FlashGet), in order to download, it is necessary to reduce points, because the popularity of FlashGet relatively low, many users did not install.

Seven, video viewing demand search

Search TV dramas, movies, TV programs, users mainly want to watch online, followed by downloads, introductions, film critics, actors and so on. Video can be divided into single and continuous. A single such as a movie, a television program, a series of TV dramas and multiple variety shows. When evaluating, the main consideration is whether the video can be viewed, the degree of clarity and so on. If it is continuous, also consider whether the arrangement is orderly, complete, there are no latest episodes. Some results need to be installed software or plug-ins to play, which increases the cost, the score is lower than the direct can see. Video-class searches rarely have full marks, because there are no official sites. The general assessment reference principles are as follows:

Episodes complete (updated to the latest), arranged in order, can be effectively viewed, the median score;

The rich encyclopedia introduction, according to the demand situation, if the demand is also high, the middle score;

Episodes are less complete (such as lack of a few episodes) and are not arranged in order, slightly lower;

A single episode, but it's easy to get a complete list of episodes;

Need to install QVOD, Baidu Audio and video, but the series updated to the latest, according to the quality of the situation, if the page quality is poor, then you need to change.

TV series Simple introduction, trailer and trailer, a separate specific set, generally this kind of give search effect is still valid;

Sex Demand Search

When the need is to look for pornographic resources, the final step is needed to determine whether the relevant resources can be truly obtained and then graded. Do not see the "look attractive" word on the suspension, because there are many false pornographic sites, people often click, and finally only advertising, there is no relevant resources. Generally do not provide real erotic resources, that is, not meet the needs of users, give a lower score.

Above is 53 courseware net to eight kind of website's search result analysis, the user's starting point is what, the center of gravity is where, the demand point is what. Therefore, we analyze the user's time, from the search results as the starting point, consider the user's urgency, standing on the user's needs on the site, such as the long tail word is the best effect, how to match the long tail word, you have to look at the real source of traffic to analyze the phrase. I believe that the webmaster after reading this article will have to try to give their own site assessment scores, good and bad themselves are the most clear, how to improve according to the score, see themselves.

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