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function Percentrank, which returns the percentage rank of a number in a data set, which can be used to see where the data is located in the dataset.

Specific applications, such as: Calculate the position of a score in all test scores.

I. Functional usage

Function formula: Percentrank (array,x,significance)

Parameter description:

Array is a set of data that is determined by relative position between each other;

X is the value in which the rank is needed;

Significance is optional, indicating the number of significant digits of the returned percentage value, and if omitted, the function Percentrank retains 3 decimal places.

Second, Percentrank function application

Assume the following results:

a1=100, a2=72, a3=83

a4=88, a5=92

If you want to place 100 of the score in all grades, use the formula:

=percentrank ($A $: $A $5,a1)

The result is 1, 100 points in 5 fractions, 100%.

Next, look at the rank of different numbers in all grades:

=percentrank ($A $: $A $5,a5), resulting in 0.75

=percentrank ($A $: $A $5,a4), resulting in 0.5

=percentrank ($A $: $A $5,a3), resulting in 0.25

=percentrank ($A $: $A $5,a2), resulting in 0.0

In summary, the values returned by the rank function vary from 0 to 1, that is, [0,1], which returns the rule of variation for each data in all data. The largest number of rows is 1, the minimum number of rows is 0, the middle of the data by size to the same proportion to rank.

For example, the above five digits, from 0 to 1, vary by law, and five digits change 4 times, i.e. the size of each change is: 1÷4=0.25

summed up its law as follows: N numbers to rank, you need to change the N-1 times, the law of each change is: 1÷ (N-1)

Note that if there are multiple identical numbers in n digits, for example, if there are three digits, then the rank of the three digits is the same.

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