How to use the picture password in Windows 8 consumption preview

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1, landing Windows 8 Metro interface, click the bottom left corner of the desktop icon, the following figure:

2, log on to the desktop, run the "Windows + X" combination Hotkey (if the desktop has the Control Panel icon, directly double-click to open), left-click Control Panel, the following figure:

3, access to the Control Panel window, select: User account and Home security, the following figure:

4, click the user account, the following figure:

5, click: In the computer settings to change my account information, the following figure:,

6, in the Computer Settings window--Login options--Create a picture password, the following figure:

7, click "Create Picture Password", pop-up window prompts: Please verify the password you currently use (this password is the user account password), the following figure:

8, the input account password is correct, appear welcome to use Picture Password window, the following figure:

9, click to select a picture, the following image interface:

10, in the 9th step to select the need to set the password picture, click Open, the window can choose: Use this picture or choose a new picture, the following figure:

11, click the use of this picture, appear: "Set your gestures" window (can be in the picture position through the mouse arbitrarily set 3 gestures action), gesture size, position and direction, as well as the order to draw these gestures, will become part of the picture password, the following figure:

12, set a good 3 gestures, will prompt: "Confirm your gesture", the following figure:

13, "Confirm your gesture" set correctly, prompted the "Congratulations" dialog box, click on the bottom left corner to complete, the following figure:

14, the picture password setting takes effect, again enters the computer--the login option--Changes the picture password and deletes, the following figure:

15, the Account picture password setting takes effect, the user may choose the picture password to log in the account, the following figure:

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