How to use the PS "Fix brush tool" to reduce wrinkles on your face

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Once described using the "edit in Quick Mask mode" method to remove facial wrinkles, now introduce a "healing brush tool" to reduce wrinkles on your face.

1, run PS software (in CS3 version as an example), open to remove facial wrinkles photos, as shown in the following figure.

2, copy "background" layer. Select layers → new → copy layers in the menu bar to get the Layer 1 layer, as shown in the following illustration.

3, enlarge the photo local area. Select the Zoom tool in the Toolbox, click on the character's head in the image editing window, and drag to select the magnified face area, as shown in the following figure.

4, select and set the repair brush tool. In the toolbox, select Repair Brush Tool, and in its Tools Options bar, set the brush size (to cover lines with wrinkles), and "hardness" to 0%.

5, use the "Repair brush tool" drag to repair wrinkles. Alt-click the sampling point, move the mouse pointer over the wrinkles, press and hold the left arrow, drag along the wrinkles, PS will automatically use the relative position of the sampling point to repair the wrinkles, as shown in the following figure.


The position of ① nose is not regular, enlarge the image in the repair, use small size "fix brush tool" a little to fix.

② after the lens wrinkles should adhere to the lens in the color as the sampling point, carefully repaired.

③ reduce the traces of repair. Set layer 1 opacity to 90% in the layers panel, blending the upper and lower layers appropriately to reduce traces of manual repair.

6, after all the wrinkles repaired, click "Layer" → "merge visible layer", that is, you can save this picture!

The repaired photo effect is shown in the following illustration.

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