How to use the Universal mouse recorder

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Universal Mouse Keyboard Recorder is mainly focused on the application of easy game, suitable for online games, play strange and automatic blood and other applications. Users can use it to accomplish some relatively simple tasks that require constant repetition.

Universal Mouse Recorder Features:

Universal Mouse Recorder Tutorial:

The first step: Create a new magic

The first thing you want to do with an automated wizard is to compile/record a magic. Open the Magic Manager and click on the Magic Menu's new Wizard icon.

The wizard window will show you how to create magic, and you can choose to use the recording method or create a blank spell to do it manually. Once the recording is complete, a new magic will be placed in the Magic list.

Step two: Preparation before recording magic

If you choose to create a magic by recording the method, the recording Parameters window will display to let you determine the recording range.

When the recording parameters are confirmed, click OK to start the recording process, you can follow the normal steps to complete your operation, all keyboard and mouse actions will be saved according to the settings of recording parameters.

Step three: Stop recording magic

When all is done, press the Stop button in the Progress window to end the recording process and save the magic.

After the magic is created, the new magic will appear in the Magic list.

Fifth step: Modify Magical properties

Now you can modify the properties of the magic (such as: Name, hotkey, description, and so on). Select Magic, right-click, select "Properties" in the pop-up menu, or click the "Properties" button directly on the toolbar, the Properties window will pop up as shown below.

Step sixth-use timed playback

If the magic needs to be played at a certain time or once every once in a while, you can set the Magic timing playback properties.

Step Seventh-use Event monitor

You can set one or more event monitors for a spell, an event monitor that automatically plays magic, an event monitor that is associated with a particular event, and the magic will play automatically when the event occurs. Events can be time changing, disconnected from the network, insufficient disk capacity, and so on. Event Monitor enables you to implement unattended maintenance operations, such as automatic redial when a network is disconnected, automatic deletion of temporary files when there is not enough disk capacity, and so on.

Hand Play Magic

Eighth Step:

In addition to using a timed player and event Monitor to automatically play a spell, you can also play a magic by hand. Open Magic Manager, select the magic you want to play, and then click the toolbar "play" or "Quick play" button.

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