How to Use the vro IP limit to limit the speed of your network

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Vroip IP restrictions are set in many companies to prevent employees from doing work-related tasks during work hours. But it also limits employees to use the network for better work, so this is a dilemma.

How to Implement the function of limiting thunder by using the IP address of the router.

Currently, three computers in one LAN, two XP computers, one VISTA computer, and three computers share the bandwidth of 2MADSL. As long as you use the VISTA notebook to see it, there is no way to play with other machines. It takes half a day to open the webpage. I tried using jusheng network management and P2P Terminator. Vro is a common TPLINK 402 M, and only has the IP address restriction function. No speed limit function. Is there any way. He is prohibited from using thunder. Or restrict the network speed.

My home is also 2 m adsl, and my mom liked watching thunder movies. At first, I got stuck, and then I installed a soft route on my computer, instead of the original moden routing function, the soft route is used to set the download speed of the machine on which she watched the movie to 80 K, and the upload speed is 1 k. Now, what she saw her does not affect my Internet access at all, 80 K is enough for thunder to watch buffering movies. The junk network management tools you mentioned are actually viruses and ineffective. Now many anti-virus software can defend against them.

As for the speed limit, it is impossible for you to use this common route. change to a soft route. No money, haha! There is no downstream problem. The main reason is the uplink speed. The uplink speed of ADSL is too small when only K is used for thunder. A common small route is restricted by the IP address of the router. Software can limit its uplink speed. But your network will be stuck. Currently, there is no good solution.

You can do this. If you don't feel any trouble, installing a NIC on another computer is cheaper than changing the high-end routing.) You can create an Intranet Nic, install the server system, and then install ISA, the IP address limit of the router remains unchanged. Change the gateway to the network card address of the computer. In this way, you can set up a server and use ISA to limit the number of connections, you can discuss the specific problem with me. If this is too troublesome, you can set the maximum number of connections on the computer thunder to limit the network speed. Let's discuss the problem.

◆ All control is required.
◆ That is to say, your entire network speed is controlled
◆ It is best not to open
◆ Actually, you can check it elsewhere. You don't need to check it in thunder.
◆ The limited speed function of thunder itself.

I have used TPLINK 402 M and put forward my ideas.
◆ You must have the permission to manage this vro.
◆ Remove the dhcp function of the vrodhcp.
◆ Set the IP address and network management for the three computers, and bind the IP address and the corresponding mac code to the vro.
◆ Set traffic control to limit the traffic of the computer that uses thunder. It's almost 60.

In addition, because you have never looked at the IP address or domain name you disabled in the firewall to try it out. The best thing is that you disable all the ports above 1024 in the vro, so that vro cannot implement your function. You have limited the home page of thunder. Don't let others brag about it. It's impossible to restrict the IP address of a router. You can try the hichina network management. It is very easy to use. You can control other machines as a host.

How to restrict Internet access through vroip ip

My company's computer ip address configuration has been modified, and now only on MSN and the company's system, but the web page and the network software are not on, I changed the ip address to show that the network cannot be connected. Ask the expert to give me an IP address to access the Internet. It is best to include the ip dns address. This is my current IP number. I do not know much about the computer. You can use an IP address that allows your colleagues to access the Internet. My company is closed, but I can go to the web page. My company's computer ip address configuration has been modified, and now only on MSN and the company's system, but the web page and the network software are not on, I changed the ip address to show that the network cannot be connected.

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