How to use the Win7 file library to collect important files

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As the number and type of files increase, coupled with the uncertainty of job needs and usage habits, files are getting more and more confusing, folders are becoming more complex, and duplicate files are becoming more and more difficult to find when you actually need a file. And now to the Win7 system can solve our problems? The answer is certainly yes, as long as the use of the Windows7 file library features easy to deal with.

Simply put, the Windows 7 file library is the ability to centralize all the files and folders we need, just like a Web page favorites, by clicking a link in the library to quickly open the folders added to the Win7 library without paying attention to where the file is stored. In addition, the files that are stored in the WIN7 library also support Automatic Updates as the original folders change, and are powerful.

Through the Win7 file library features plus Win7 powerful search capabilities, regardless of the number of files, folder structure is more complex, can quickly manage the file well, for Office users to enhance the efficiency of the immediate, this is one of the benefits of the WINDOWS7 system.

1. Establishment of a document library

Open any folder in the Win7 system, we can see the "library" in the left-hand navigation bar, the Win7 system usually brings the common file library of video, picture, document, music and so on. To add a new folder to the library, you can right-click the library and choose new → library from the pop-up menu.

2. Set up a file library

Rename the new file library, as needed, by naming the new Couchen as "photo." Next, right click on "Photo" to choose "Properties", click "Include folder" from the pop-up dialog box, and then select the relevant folders in the WIN7 computer disk according to your own needs, click Application to centralize the files and folders you need in this file library for collection management.

OK, we can see in the Win7 navigation bar we have created a new file library, all the folders into the repository are marked with the real address of the source folder, convenient for us to distinguish (for example, the occurrence of a folder with the same name).

Through the above method we will be able to centralize a certain type of files to the file library, if we also need to have a certain keyword files, this requires the help of Win7 Local search function, in the upper right-hand corner of the search box input keywords from the establishment of the file library to find a file with this keyword, The search is over. You can also use filter criteria to display specific files, such as Word document types, and then save the search results, the next time you need to double-click the saved search results to find the files we need.

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