How to use the win7 System printer scanner function

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The specific methods are as follows:

1, open the scanner cover, put yourself to scan the document, and then from the computer to open My Computer, drive installed, there will be a scanner letter, similar to the location of the CD-ROM;

2, double-click this scanner letter, will open the following image of the dialog box, so that you choose the program to open to him, we directly select the second can be;

3, select the Scanner and Camera Wizard, we click Next will go to the following image interface, and then continue to click Next;

4, this time the Scanner Wizard opened, here is a preview button, the specific location shown below, we click on the preview, you can preview in the box above the original to be scanned, and then you can adjust the location of the selection box;

5, adjust the location to scan, you must remember to open the lower left corner of the custom Settings button, where we will scan the resolution set, the default resolution or high or low is not suitable, we generally set 300 can;

6, set a good resolution click to enter the scanning interface, we directly click Next;

7, click the next step can see the following image of the scan progress interface, such as scanning progress bar go to 100% when the scan is completed;

8, after the scan is completed, will enter the following image interface, prompts you to do, we directly click Next, that is, nothing to do, I have processed these photos;

9, this time has completed the Scanner Wizard, click to complete, it will automatically enter the location of your scanned documents stored.

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