How to use the wireless router for Printer Sharing access operation

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with the rapid development of wireless network, the scope of its application is more extensive. Now many units have started to use wireless network, in this wireless network environment although we can also be very easy to do folder sharing access operations, but to do the printer Sharing access operation is not so convenient.

So is it possible to find an effective way to make the printer share access easier in the wireless router? In fact, to use the wireless router for Printer Sharing access operation is not much difficult, as long as the following actions can easily achieve the purpose of printer sharing access:

First of all, in the wireless network work environment, find a wireless router with the device can be smoothly connected to the normal workstation, log in to the workstation system as a system administrator, click the Start/settings/Printers and Faxes command in the system, and in the Pop-up Printer List window, double-click the Add Printer icon. Then follow the wizard prompts to correctly install the printer device into the corresponding workstation system, and set it to a shared state;

After you install and set up the destination network printer, locate the target client from the wireless network that requires access to the network printer, and open the Printers List window in the system, double-click the Add Printer icon, open the Printer Setup Wizard window, and then the network printer, or a printer connected to another Computer "item selected;

When prompted on the screen to ask if you want to print MS-DOS, you should choose "No", or else you will likely experience an error accessing your network printer over a wireless network in the future, and then browse through the wireless router to find the target shared printer that we have set up previously. This step is necessary to operate correctly.

But here's a reminder that if the wireless router device in your local wireless network supports DHCP, you can easily search for a target network printer in a wireless network environment by selecting the "Browse for printer" option in the wizard interface. If the destination network printer cannot be searched, we should carefully check that the wireless router is functioning properly. Once you have searched for the destination network printer, and then follow the wizard prompts to complete the remaining installation, you will be able to do the wireless sharing print operation as you would access the normal printer.

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