How to use the wireless through-wall mode of pole routing

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The following is a small series for everyone to collect the "pole-routed wireless wall mode How to use" All content, if you like the small series of recommendations, please continue to pay attention to learning.

In the market, you can see a lot of writing "King of the Wall", "Super Wall King", "Invincible wall King" products, then this type of pole-routed wireless through the wall mode how to use it? First of all, let's take a look at its classification, which can be divided into two types of wall-piercing products:

I. Hardware design to increase PA, enlarge the power of the machine, do not comply with the national CCC standards. "Hard to wear walls", this kind of product is very dangerous, you choose to be careful, if the factory through this kind of hardware to increase power, then, disguised as a enterprise-class base station in your home, the radiation is the number of times the growth, the launch power per 3db, the energy is one-fold.

Two. The software design increases the high transmitting power, sacrifices the EVM, the abbreviation "The soft wears the wall"; This kind of practice belongs to look at the signal not to look at the quality of the practice, achieve the effect is really can transmit far, but have lost packet, the delay is relatively large.

How to use the wireless through-wall mode of pole routing

The wall-piercing pattern in polar routing is a variant of a soft-piercing wall. Because can be in the wireless drive to do the lower level, so, in the design of this function, the accuracy of the low speed rate, the increase in the emission signal, the high rate does not change the emission signal.

Because, when the user after the wall, the rate is certainly low, such as no wall, speed is 150mbps, after two wall, the rate is 27mbps, at this time, we will increase the 27mbps wireless rate of the emission signal, let the signal stronger, sacrificing some evm (fault-tolerant rate), The experience is that you feel better about the signal, but when you surf the internet it feels like a bit of cotton, which is sacrificing the performance in exchange for transmission distance.

We call this a modified, soft wall that does not have much to lose for everyone's use and health:

A. At close range, there is no wall, the rate is high, the signal will not change, no changes.

Two. Long distance, separated by the wall, the rate is low, signal slightly improved, slightly sacrificing the fault-tolerant rate, the effect is to use and can not use the difference.

Therefore, in general, we can choose to wear the wall mode of use, if your home is relatively large, there are dead, you can open. If the home is smaller, then do not have to open, nothing changes.

How to use

Tools/raw Materials: Polar route Hiwifi One, background advanced settings.

How to use the wireless through-wall mode of pole routing

Specific methods:

1, the landing pole routing background, the address bar input or

How to use the wireless through-wall mode of pole routing

2, into the router background, select "Advanced Settings."

How to use the wireless through-wall mode of pole routing

3, select "Wireless channel Settings", "Signal Strength" select "Wall mode" is done.

How to use the wireless through-wall mode of pole routing

Attention matters

How to use the wireless wall mode of the pole route? Because WiFi is transmitted through the wireless electromagnetic signal, so, can not break through the physical laws, hope that wireless can penetrate metal walls, can be separated by 3 of the wall there are good signals, these need to cost, hard to wear the wall may be satisfied, but it is the cost of health, not recommended use, You might as well buy a 10-meter cable, seconds to kill any wall, or another 1.5 wall position, put a pole road relay before a pole route signal, so that you can change the wall from 3 to 1.5 block, can also achieve results.

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