How to use the Word sorting function in Excel

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How to use text sorting in Excel. Sorting is a very basic function in Excel, but we generally use only English letters or numeric sorting, and Chinese characters can be sorted.


First, let's open a sample worksheet as an example.

Locate the Sort and filter shortcut buttons on the Start tab panel and select the range cells you want to sort.

When clicked, the Prompt box pops up because the area cell checked by this example has the associated data, so we should choose to extend the selection.

In the Pop-up Sort panel dialog box, we click the option button to sort the strokes in the sort option.

We can see that after clicking the OK sort, the column permutations are arranged in order of strokes. But the previous serial number has changed, and we need to revise it again.

Check a column serial number cell, continue to click the sorting function, this time we do not select the expansion area, click OK, you can modify the success.

The above is excel in the use of Word sorting function diagram, the operation is very simple, we have learned? hope to help everyone!

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