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Compared with the 2009 version, the 2010 version of the network function has been greatly enhanced. Here, we introduce the online material features.

WPS Official web site ( Download the personal version of the installation program and installed, will immediately start WPS text. Create a blank document, click on the "Online footage" button in the plugin toolbar or press the shortcut key ctrl+3 (note not the keypad) to bring up the "online footage" panel (Figure 1).

Figure 1

Here are the most commonly used "charts and diagrams", "graphics", "symbol", "button" 4 categories. Each category has several pages that you can select from the Drop-down menu in the lower-right corner. If you are looking for materials that are not in these common categories, you can click on the lower right corner of the "Select Category" button, you can see the "Select Category" Panel, which has "tags", "common", "Education Group" three tabs (Figure 2).

Figure 2

Among them, "education group" has from the elementary school to senior high schools of materials to choose from, "The Common tab is the 4 categories we saw earlier, and the Tags tab must be logged in to see the user's personal world, the initial state is empty, you can use some of their favorite material hidden in it, For your own use. Check the item you want to display and use in the panel shown in Figure 1.

Maybe you need the material in all the choice of items can not find, at this time, our protagonist to play, he is-online search! We see that the top of the online footage panel is a search box in which you enter keywords for your desired material (such as "Brother Sharp") and return to the line, all with "Brother Sharp" Related Materials will be displayed!—— and so on, there seems to be nothing ah, what's going on? You reader, a little Ann not impatient, everyone went on to look down-click the "Show Google search Results" button, the Internet, many of the pictures with brother Sharp all show up (Figure 3)! Double-click one of the pictures, Brother Sharp will be home in your document immediately!

Figure 3

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