How to use U disk to limit computer boot

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U disk is a common use of mobile devices, but U disk features far more than you know, this does not, U disk also has this function-settings so that the computer can only be inserted into their own U disk to start. Now let's introduce the implementation process of this technique:

First, to determine the disk of U disk, you can plug in your USB disk, and then you can see the letter, this step is very important;

Second, in the U disk to create a file, file name and extension are arbitrary input, such as the creation of a file of 123.LJ;

III. Create a batch file on the local disk (saved as. bat with Notepad), which is the following line statement:

Ifnotexisti:123.ljshutdown-s-t10-c "You can't use this computer"

Here I for u disk, this means that if the U disk does not exist in 123.lj this file, then shut down the computer in 10 seconds, and display the "You can not use this computer" message.

Iv. enter "Gpedit.msc" to open Group Policy in the run. and navigate to the following path: "Local computer" policy → computer Configuration →windows settings → script (boot/shutdown), then select the "Start" item in the box on the right and add the batch file that you just created to the list of startup scripts , OK and quit on it.

Here is the end, at this time, only when the boot to insert a U disk to start the computer and enter the system, or you will be prompted and shut down the computer within a specified period of time.

In addition, say in the case of a U disk missing solution:

1. If time is enough, you can enter "Shutdown-a" in the operation to unlock the shutdown instructions;

2. You can also boot the computer to Safe mode to remove the startup script, because the boot script is not loaded in safe mode.

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