How to use Win7 math panel to write paper formulas

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Another year of graduation season, there are a group of students to leave the University of an ivory tower. We leave yesterday, embrace tomorrow, to say that before graduation the most important thing is the writing of the graduation thesis, not only strict format requirements, the number of words, for science students, the formula written in the paper can be said to let everyone shout "injury". Writing a paper is really time-consuming and laborious, so the students can be described as Baxian-recount, probably many friends did not think that in fact, the Win7 of the software will also achieve the same effect, this is the protagonist of the mathematical Input Panel today.

First we need a computer pre-installed with a genuine Win7 operating system, click the "Start" button in the Start menu of the Search input box to enter "MIP", as shown in the figure, we found a software called MIP, open the software.

After the software is successfully run, we can see the interface as shown in the picture, the Math Input Panel uses the kernel of Windows to identify the handwriting expression of the user input, we could use the consensus generated by it to insert into other software. It can not only support the traditional mouse input also support touch screen, stylus and other input methods, can be said to be flexible, we can according to their actual situation to choose the appropriate input method.

▲ Mathematical Input interface

We can directly in the input box to draw their own mathematical formula, at the same time the software will be in the upper part of the window real-time display recognition results, such as the figure we enter a limit of the expression, the upper part of the accurate identification results. In the test, we found that the "mathematical Input Panel" has a good recognition rate.

▲ Handwriting recognition

The higher the recognition rate also has the error, at this time we can select the software to the right of the "selection and correction" button, the system to identify the wrong part of the circle. The system pops up a change of opinion in which we can select a correct option to correct, and if the system provides correction options that are not what we want, we can also choose to rewrite the writing until the system is recognized correctly.

▲ Select corrections

At the same time, the math Input Panel also has the memory function, click on the "History" menu, we can see the previous input of the expression, which is required to repeatedly input the same or similar to the type of the time is very convenient.

▲ Use Records

Students can save or insert the identified expression into another software. Believe that this small tool will certainly give us a little convenience, in fact, solve the problem does not have to selectmen, Win7 system has provided us with a lot of perfect solutions, but we need to find it carefully.

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