How to use Win7 to bulk modify photo file names

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In this article we say that Win7 is a handy little feature that is good at making use of it, and maybe you'll use it in due time, which is renaming files. Of course, here we do not say a single file, but a lot of, such as dozens of hundreds of, the total is not you change it. This kind of scene will usually when the photograph is met, the computer theme House ( tells you, actually may according to certain rules to the photograph batch renames.

Win7 for file naming has the function of automatic batch processing, not only photo processing, or icons, or documents, etc., can be batch processing. This operation does not need to use Win7 to download Third-party software or plug-ins to assist, completely rely on the Win7 system itself can be. In previous Windows systems, such as XP and Vista, there was no such feature, so the Win7 provides a very wide range of tips for changing file names in real life.

Usually the pictures we output from the camera to the computer are automatic arranging by the camera itself, according to the order of the sequence, labeled 11 until the last photo, if not regular to zero, then a number of photos will have, they will look very troublesome.

And some cameras, such as SLR or more advanced digital cameras, in the output photos can be in front of each photo to add some text or letters, such as: Yesanpo 0001, Yesanpo 0002 ... Such a form. So on the above situation, even if this name, can only be used "A few days tour" such a big title, but also let people feel very cottage. So on this basis, Win7 can help classify naming, the method is very simple, and easy to master.

With a lot of people know that the keyboard is the lower left corner of the CTRL key is a commonly used button, we transfer files, if one dragged past is very troublesome, when holding down CTRL, the mouse click on different files can be selected at the same time. When Win7 the file name in bulk, we can select it by holding down CTRL, or we can select the file directly in the circle of the mouse, and then right-click and select Rename (M) option.

At this point, one of the file names will be displayed in the name of the state, which is the state where the file name can be edited, change the filename to the prefix name that will be used to batch rename the file, and then click Enter. All the file names will appear as "name (1), name (2) ..." With the name we changed before, with the template to the last file.

At the beginning of the use of the renaming of the file order has been unclear, and then finally found after groping, in fact, the order of renaming files is very simple, take photos of the editor as an example:

Photos are numbered files, and the order in which they are chosen is not the order in which they were last arranged, so you can choose back and forth. We generally want to make the order or the original order, because this effect is more in line with the management and the actual tour order. After selecting all photos, right-click Rename this step is the key to the mouse in which file to start. The file before this file will be arranged in the back, just like a circle to determine the starting point. If the right key is the first file, then the order is normal; When you right-click the second file, the first file is placed at the last, and so on.

The collated photos can be sorted by name and then collectively dragged into different folders to classify them, thus accomplishing our original purpose. Win7 this one-key renaming function, although not how important a function, but for many users of the file is very convenient, Win7 the sparkle is not limited to this, there are a variety of shortcut keys, depending on the purpose of playing different roles, to a certain extent, can improve office efficiency.

Win7 the function of a key batch renaming file is only a small member of Win7 humanization, in order to observe Win7 's intention to the user experience function. If you have a friend to batch processing file name do not forget this method, of course, if skilled use a batch renaming software can also play a better effect.

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