How to use Windows DVD Maker to make your own dynamic albums

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I believe a lot of friends have made their own albums or video clips and so on, then do you have to make these short films for the choice of what software to worry about? Now don't worry, try to Windows7 your own Windows DVD maker.

Perhaps some friends have not seen Win7 Windows DVD Maker, how to open it? In fact, it is easy to find, the mouse click "Start"-"All Programs", in the top of the list can be very clear to see "Windows DVD Maker", click on the Good ( If no friends in the list can enter "DVD" directly in the Start menu search box, you can also open it.

After entering Windows DVD maker, select the "Photo and video (P)" button with a simple boot and click "Next" to continue.

Click "Add Item", Pop the "Add Items to DVD" window, go to the folder where the photos are stored, hold down the "CTRL" key, use the mouse to select the one by one photos you want, click the "Add" button and add it to "Windows DVD Maker".

Next, we need to add effect to the video, click "Options", in the Pop-up DVD Options window, you can set the DVD playback settings, DVD aspect ratio, video format and DVD recording speed, as well as the location of temporary files.

We recommend "Use DVD menu to play and terminate video" to better control video playback and stop; If the home is equipped with full High-definition TV, you can consider the "16:9" DVD aspect ratio, to achieve better visual effects.

Now we can burn it.

It's been a hassle to use other software to make DVDs before. Some software can only achieve burning but can not make the title, and some can make a title but relatively simple function, there is more difficult to make, need to operate too much. But in Win7 's WDM, none of this is a problem! What kind of title you want to make, you just choose, and you can customize your style on this basis.

Click the Next button to go to the Ready to burn DVD window and select a menu style in menu style on the right side of the window. If you want to make more detailed settings, click menu Text, go to the Change DVD menu Text window, set menu text, click Custom menu, go to the Customize DVD menu style window, set font, foreground, background, audio, and button styles, and click Slide Show to enter Change slide Show Settings window, add background music, and set each photo to show time and transition effects.

When the

Custom settings are complete, click the Preview button, go to the Preview DVD window to preview the scene effects and playback effects, if you feel the way you want, click OK, close the Preview DVD window, put a blank DVD in your burner, click the Burn button, Windows7 began to burn the DVD, the burning process completely automated, no manual intervention, just wait a moment, a DVD video disc fresh out of the oven.

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