How to use WPS to find replacement function to extract email address

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1. Open the Mail document with WPS text, press ctrl+f shortcut key, bring up "Find and Replace" Setup Panel, enter "[A-z,0-9]{1,}@[a-z,0-9,.]" in "Find content". {1,} "(without external double quotes), tick" highlight all items found in the range T ", click on" Advanced "button, tick" Use wildcard U "(pictured below).

2, click the "Find all F" button, you can select all the e-mail address. Press CTRL + C shortcut to copy the selected mailbox address, create a new blank document, press CTRL + V, and copy all e-mail addresses to the new document.

A few notes:

1, about the use of square brackets. With the use of wildcard characters checked, square brackets represent one of the things found in the parentheses.

For example, [ABCD] is to look for one of the ABCD four letters. And [A-z] represents one of all characters from A to Z in the font. In the font, this range is for all uppercase and lowercase letters. If there are multiple expressions in the brackets, the expressions need to be separated by a half-width comma in the English state. [A-z,0-9] is the expression of all English letters and Arabic numerals.

2, about curly braces. Braces that specify the number of matching characters in the range specified in the preceding square brackets. For example, "G[o]{1,2}d", you can find any of the two words "God" and "good". If the number following the comma is omitted, the number of matches is equal to all ranges of the previous number. If [A-z]{4,}, it means 4 consecutive uppercase letters.

About back slashes. With wildcards, some characters themselves are used as wildcards, such as question marks (?), asterisks (*), and so on. If you want to find the symbols themselves, you need to precede the backslash (). As in the previous example, "@" and ".", to find them, you need to precede the backslash.

Note: This technique takes the WPS Text 2010 Person Edition as an example, realizes in the Microsoft Office Word 2003/2007/2010, the concrete method is slightly different, does not have to repeat here.

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