How to view computer network traffic in a local area network

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This method requires a network administrator to operate, of course, if the use of some third-party software can also be managed, but may cause some network congestion situation, this article on the Tp-link wireless router to see how to view the network traffic on all computers in the LAN.

1th Step: Open the browser to enter the gateway address and return to determine. Computer Repair Technology Network note: General router Management login address is the computer automatically obtain the IP address of the gateway address.

The 2nd step: Enter the router's login name and password and determine the successful logon to the Router management interface. Computer Repair Technology Network Note: The general user name and password are admin, if you do not know the router's login name and password, please contact the network administrator or reference router instructions, if the router password did forget to consider the wireless router initialization settings, You can then simply log on by the default username and password on the wireless router.

3rd step: On the left side of the router, click the traffic statistics under open System tools.

4th step: After the flow statistics are opened, click the delete under the configuration column, delete all of them, and then you can see the latest LAN all use this router's computer traffic usage, through some sort we can see the specific is that the maximum flow of IP use, if he uses the largest words, And it's probably just downloading some big files or watching videos.

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