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I. Preparatory work and Description:

1, download VirtualBox: First download the latest version of Oracle VirtualBox, this is a multi-language version, including Simplified Chinese.

2, download Win8: If you have not downloaded the version of Windows 8, please find your own online!

3, installation VirtualBox: If you log on to the windows of the user name is Chinese, may be installed VirtualBox when the failure, about VirtualBox specific installation steps, this article does not elaborate, step-by-step is very simple. Don't know where to click OK OK.

4, other instructions: This article is in the 64-bit Windows 7 Simplified Chinese version of the tutorial demo, to install 32 for WINDOWS8 as an example, of course, you can also install 64-bit virtual machine system under 64. If your computer is a 32-bit operating system and you want to play a 64-bit virtual machine, it depends on whether your CPU supports it.

Second, start the new VirtualBox virtual machine:

1, on the desktop or Start menu click on the shortcut, run VirtualBox, into the main interface:

Running the VirtualBox virtual machine

2. In the open Oracle VM VirtualBox, click the first button on the left "new".

Create a new virtual computer

3, in this step "virtual computer name and system type" in the window, enter your name for the virtual machine, such as: Windows 8.1 or like a small weave with their own name, the operating system is naturally Microsoft windows, version of the Windows 8.1, if you want to virtual XP or other version of the system, then click the "Version" option in the dropdown box to select it. Next, click to go to the next step.

Fill out the new virtual computer name and select the system version you want to install

4, below we want to select the amount of memory allocated to the virtual computer (virtual machine), choose 1024MB. The example computer is 4G physical memory, of course, you can according to your own computer situation, set as the default 512MB memory can also, if you are 2G, 4G memory above, recommended set to 1024M memory, specifically with the size of their computer memory decided. Then click Next!

Allocating memory for a virtual computer

5, in this step, is to create a bootable hard disk for the virtual computer, virtual, the default 25GB, enough, the direct next step, of course, if the back can also be created after the creation of the set, come on, next!

Assign a hard disk to a new virtual computer

6, at this time, will pop up a selection of new virtual hard disk file type, the default first, if there is no other requirements, by default select directly next to the line!

Choose to create a virtual hard disk type

7, in the virtual hard disk type This step, there are dynamic expansion and fixed size of two options, choose dynamic expansion of the better, so in fact, it will not completely occupy your designated for example, 20GB of hard disk space, but according to the actual need for continuous expansion. The default is dynamic expansion, do not move, continue the next step!

8, the next step, is to specify the location and space size of the virtual hard disk, here it is necessary to remind you that if you originally installed the VirtualBox in C, it will default to the virtual machine occupies the file to the C disk, and at this point, you can click on the right side of the Explorer icon button ( Red Arrows, specify the location where you store the virtual machine hard disk files, such as D: Virtual machine Rui, and so on. After installing WIN8 or Win7, the virtual machine file may reach more than 10 g, so this step depends on your hard disk space. After setting, click Create!

VirtualBox Virtual Computer Creation complete

9: After completing the above steps, the Oracle VM VirtualBox has more of this virtual machine named "Rui", as shown in the following figure!

Third, to create a new virtual machine to make important settings:

1, in the Oracle VM VirtualBox inside click on the virtual machine just built, and then click on the yellow icon above "settings", or right-click the menu to click Settings can also (shortcut key is Ctrl+s)

Oracle VM VirtualBox Virtual machine settings

2, in the setting out of the page, mainly set up two items, one is the system, one is the display, first switch to the system on the left, the system has 3 tags, in the motherboard tag, we see here or can adjust the memory allocation, but also expand the characteristics. You can configure the following diagram to extend the features of the enabled IO APIC is open. Of course, you can take the virtual machine in the boot sequence of the floppy disk is not used to check out:

VirtualBox Virtual Machine General settings

3, set up the motherboard, and then switch to the "Processor" tab, in this interface, you should be able to see, here I tick selected two CPU, if everyone is a multi core CPU, like me so set can, of course, two CPU enough. Extended properties inside, enable Pae/nx tick.

VirtualBox Virtual Machine Processor settings

4, set a good processor, and then click Switch to the right "hardware acceleration" tab, here, "Enable Vt-x/amd-v" and "Enable Nested paging" are checked.

VirtualBox virtual Machine hardware acceleration settings

5, then, the left click to switch to "display", video memory size, recommended settings to 128MB, if you are nervous, 64MB is not a problem, the following number of monitors on the 1 lines, remember the extension features inside, check "Enable 3D acceleration" and "Enable 2D video acceleration."

VirtualBox Virtual Machine display settings

In this way, the basic completion of the new WINDOWS8 virtual machine settings. Other network, USB, Remote Desktop, sound or something according to your own requirements to set it, otherwise you do not have to change. Go to the next operation can!

Four, "Hook up" you download the WIN8 system ISO image file, start to install Windows 8

1, now, Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager to create a good virtual machine "Rui", click on the form above the big green icon "Start", as shown in the following figure:

Launch Oracle VM VIRTUALBOX virtual machine

2, to the "Choose the installation media" This window, the hint is very clear, if you have been engraved with gusto and insert the disc, then the direct media location inside the selection of your CD-ROM drive, of course, we do not do so, we click on the right side of the "Browse" button to locate the ISO image we downloaded.

VirtualBox Virtual machine Installation WIN8 system mirroring

Select a good direct click on the "Start" button to enter the system installation! Follow the normal installation steps to complete the installation! At this point our WIN8 virtual machine is installed!

VirtualBox Virtual machine Installation Win8 system step method, to the end of the basic, the operation is not difficult, in accordance with the upgrade step by step to complete.

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