How Web front-end engineers practice (original book version 4th) Chinese pdf scanned version, webpdf

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How Web front-end engineers practice (original book version 4th) Chinese pdf scanned version, webpdf

Have you ever thought about creating your own webpage, but you have no experience? So learn from now on! This book explains some important concepts and basic principles of Web design, as well as the specific use methods and techniques of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. After reading this book, you will learn how to create multiple-column pages for mobile devices.

Practices of front-end Web Engineers (4th)It will help you learn how to use the latest technology, best practices, and today's Web standards, including HTML5 and CSS3. Each chapter provides exercises and quizzes to help you understand different technologies and consolidate your understanding of important concepts.

The author has made a comprehensive update and revision of the content of this version, covering everything required for front-end Web development. This book is an ideal choice for beginners and professional developers who want to improve their existing skills.

Main content:
■ Use text, links, images, tables, and forms to Create HTML pages
■ Use CSS to adjust colors, backgrounds, format text, page la s, and even achieve simple animations
■ Learn new HTML5 elements, APIs, and CSS3 attributes-they change the Web page Processing Method
■ Create a responsive Web design so that the page can be properly displayed on mobile devices
■ Learn how JavaScript works and its importance in Web design
■ Create and optimize Web images to accelerate image download

The book consists of 22 chapters in five parts. Starting from the basic knowledge of HTML, the first step is to allow readers to quickly master common HTML tags, and then focus on HTML tables and forms. The second part introduces HTML definition and markup language, and how to add images, links, forms, and other basic content to webpages. The third part involves the advanced part of webpage creation, includes advanced topics such as Cascading Style Sheets, formatted text, color and background, borders and margins, floating and positioning, CSS page layout, transformation and animation, and CSS technology. The fourth part introduces the JavaScript technology, starting with the most basic program syntax, allowing readers to quickly integrate into the programming environment. Use JavaScript to make common web page dynamic effects. The fifth part describes how to create Web images, including the basic knowledge of Web graphics.


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How Web front-end engineers practice (original book version 4th) Chinese pdf scanned version


The first part begins
Chapter 1 where do I start
Chapter 1 How does Web work
Chapter 2 Basic concepts of Web Design
Part 2 HTML structured tag
Chapter 2 creating a simple web page (HTML overview)
Step 2: start with the content
Step 2: Document structuring
Step 2: Determine text elements
Step 2: add an image
Step 2: Use a style sheet to change the appearance
Chapter 4 markup text
Add link in Chapter 6th
Chapter 4 Add an image
Chapter 4 Table Markup
Chapter 4 form
Chapter 4 HTML5
Part 3 CSS of the Presentation Layer 
Chapter 4 CSS
Chapter 4 format text (use more selectors)
Chapter 3 colors and backgrounds (add more selectors and external style sheets)
Chapter 2 box ideology (fill, border, and blank edge)
Chapter 2 floating and positioning
Chapter 4 Use CSS for webpage Layout
Chapter 2 transition, transformation, and animation
Chapter 4 CSS technology
Part 4 JavaScript Behavior 
Chapter 2 Introduction to JavaScript
Chapter 4 use JavaScript
Part 5 create Web Images 
Chapter 2 Web image Basics
Chapter 2 Simplified Web Images


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