How Windows 8 Systems Enter Safe Mode tips

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One, by setting "System Configuration" restart into Safe mode

This requires access to the system, the ability to open the Control Panel, or the Start screen, or to run commands.

The following are only the ways to enter the system configuration by running the command (easiest and fastest):

At the same time click on Windows Start +r button, pop-up Run Command box, in the box to enter "Msconfig" and return (does not include double quotes), this meaning is Microsoft (Ms,microsoft, the abbreviation of Microsoft) configuration (config).

Select the Boot tab in the System configuration that pops up and boot to normal safe mode, just set it as follows:

Click OK, prompted to reboot, after reboot will automatically enter safe mode.

In several other options, the other shell refers to the reboot to the Safe mode with command prompt, the network refers to the security mode of restarting to the network connection, the other here basically cannot use, do not say.

Note: Here, if you do not understand, should not be arbitrarily changed, otherwise may appear function is not complete, even boot blue screen.

Second, from the Metro interface restart access to Safe mode approach

This and the top one is actually a mixture. Here are the steps:

Select settings on the Charm toolbar that pops up when the mouse is moved to the lower-right corner. In the lower right corner of the play, choose to change the computer settings, at the bottom of the general bar of the Computer settings application, select the immediate reboot in the advanced boot, or click the Reboot button while holding down the SHIFT key to enter the advanced boot.

In advanced startup, select advanced options and go to startup settings in Windows, and then reboot is the security mode for Windows 8.

Third, add a startup entry for Windows 8 Safe mode

The idea is to create a new free XP system download boot project that is the same as the current system and set this project to boot to only one safe mode.

The advantage of this is that you can press F8 at power-on, select the operating system, and be able to enter Safe mode when the system does not start.

The following is an example of a security model that starts with the default security mode of the old system:

1, find the current system's boot identifier

Right-click in the lower-left corner and select command Prompt (Administrator) (A) in the pop-up menu.

Type "bcdedit/enum/v" (excluding double quotes) in the pop-up Command Line window and enter.

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