How Windows Home Edition becomes pro, WIN10 upgrade charm

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Recently purchased an all-in-one machine operating system for Win7 Home Edition. But the job requires some functionality to the Pro version. Microsoft is launching the free upgrade WIN10, but the family version of the upgrade is estimated to be Win10 's home version. So my idea is: To install Win7 Professional version with CD-ROM, upgrade to WIN10.

From the CD into the system installation, but in the first step on the jam. Mouse cannot move, click Next to continue installation. The reason for the analysis should be that the USB3.0 driver is not installed, so if you can integrate the driver in the installation disk, you can solve the problem.

So we need a Windows Customize tool that includes:

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After the tool is successfully installed:

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The left Sidebar integration button is grayed out and requires you to import the basic win7 ISO to be selected:

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When you're done, you can choose the tools you need:

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Integrated win7-usb3.0, generate ISO file, can bake dish or make start u disk.

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"Blocked, please bypass" via Intel's USB3.0 integration tool, you are prompted with an error:

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Re-install, the mouse is active!!

After the normal installation is successful. The first step is success!

Next Upgrade Win10 ...

However, the 0x80070057 error occurs after the download is completed via the easy-to-ascend tool. According to the hint may be the online download upgrade problem, so decided to download the full WIN10 upgrade package from Microsoft Official website, made into the installation CD.

Blocked: Boot installation from BIOS CD is unsuccessful, the page will appear prompting to enter the system installation.

Follow the requirements to enter Win7 and then click on the CD to execute the file, WIN10 upgrade success!!

At this moment to press the win+break exciting time to: hey? Not activated!!

No hurry, wait 10-15mins, then turn on the computer properties, haha, has been activated!!

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How Windows Home Edition becomes pro, WIN10 upgrade charm

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