How Word deletes a blank page word deletes a blank page operation method

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method One, the simplest, directly press the keyboard backspace or delete key, to delete.

method Two, page break over. Turn on edit--replace--advanced--special characters--manual page breaks--replace all.

method Three , if draw a table, occupy a whole page, cause the last carriage return on the second page, delete. You can make the table smaller or lower the top or bottom margins, and then open the menu bar-file-the Page Setup command to adjust the number down, and change it a little.

method Four, may be your last few lines of text format problem, and their font spacing and so on should be able to, if you do not can, if you are printing directly on the first page press Ctrl+p to print the dialog box after the selection of the current page can be printed, will not play the blank page behind.

method Five, put the mouse at the end of the previous page, delete with Del Health. If the blank surface is the last page, and the mouse is in the first row, the optional format-the paragraph-sets the line spacing to a fixed value of 1 points, and the blank page disappears.

method Six, first show the page break, that is, in word in the lower left corner of the adjustment to normal view state, then the page break appears, directly deleted.

The above six methods are common causes and solutions for Word to appear blank pages.

In order to facilitate user operation, a special illustrated tutorial

In the process of using Word 2010 Office software, we often encounter a blank page, which I organized a method to delete a blank page summary, I hope to help

Method 1: If the blank page is the last page, place your mouse on the first line of the last page, and press Del to delete
Method 2: blank page after inserting a table
First you need to select a paragraph mark for a blank page
right mouse button in the blank Page window, pop-up shortcut menu click paragraph Command
On the Indent and Spacing tab, click the Open Drop-down menu, select a fixed value, and set the value to 1 points
Method 3
Click the Replace button in the Edit menu in the Start ribbon
Click More buttons, expand more items, click the Drop-down menu that opens the effects format, and select manual page breaks
Last Click Replace All button
Method 4
If the table occupies an entire page, causing the carriage return to be deleted on the second page, you can set the margins smaller
Switch to the page layout ribbon, click the Launch Dialog button in the Page Setup Options group
You can adjust the distance between the top and bottom by the margin tab
Attention matters
This experience applies to Word 2003, Word 2007, Word 2010

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