How WPS automatically generates page numbers

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1. First, we open the document with WPS

2, then click Insert--page number

3, and then in the graphical interface can be selected in the footer or header to generate page numbers, you can choose the location of the page number-left, middle, right and so on

  Generate page numbers from one of the pages

1, sometimes our papers and so on not allowed the first page to set the page number to 1, always in the directory, and so on a page after starting to set page numbers, the same we open the need to set the document

For example, we want to start with the third page starting from 1, then we put the cursor in the third, the first paragraph of the page

2, then click on the toolbar insert--separator--Next page section break

3, then click on the Toolbar section button to bring up the submenu, select the page number to choose the format required

4, finally in the back of the beginning of the number in front of the box to tick on it

5, below we look at the effect of the picture, in order to be able to make a comparison we give the header and footer are generated page numbers, two comparisons, to see if the following page number is not the beginning of the 1?

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