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WPS documents have many settings, perhaps you think you know enough, but like "knowledge is endless", there are always some of the functions of WPS is you do not know.

As we all know, the default number of columns in WPS is 1, which means that the printed text is rendered in one column. Over time, the reader will feel that this layout is too monotonous, you know, the content of the document is important, but the layout of the document is more important. The quality of typesetting can often reflect the character of the author, below, I will introduce WPS text in the use of column techniques.

Operation Steps

1, open the WPS text, click the format-columns, the settings interface.

Pull up the Setup interface

2, in the preset a total of 5 types to choose from, we choose one of them.

Select one of the

3, in the lower width spacing module, you can customize the adjustment, the right side has a preview interface, convenient for us to view.

customizing adjustments

4, do not think that only the 5 column types, in fact, we can modify the width, spacing, etc. to make a variety of columns.

As long as you want, WPS is trying to help you complete. Of course, do not think that they have enough to learn the comprehensive, because WPS has not stopped, it continues to update, continue to improve. So, learn slowly and advance in your study.

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