How WPS makes a row and column transpose of a table

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Sometimes we need to switch the rows and columns of the tables that have been done, and the manual conversion is not only time-consuming, but also prone to error, is there a simpler and more reliable way to implement the row and column transitions in the table?

Method One: Use the WPS table "paste selectively" to achieve the conversion.

In WPS Table 2005, select the entire table and copy it to the Clipboard. Then place the cursor in a blank space, select Edit-paste from the menu, select Transpose in the pop-up dialog (Figure 1), and then paste the entire table "turned over" to the specified location (Figure 2). If you want to convert a table in WPS text, you can copy and paste the table into the WPS table in the WPS text, and then use the above method.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Method two: Easy to implement with the plug-in

WPS Master at the beginning of the production of WPS Word toolbar Plug-ins have included the form of the row and column conversion function, you can more easily in the WPS text in the row and column conversion.

First to the WPS official forum to download the required plug-ins (download address:, and decompression, installation, and then start WPS text, select the entire table, with the mouse click on the menu of "table-table Tools-conversion-row and column conversion" (Figure 3), the list of the row conversion success!

Figure 3

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