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Sometimes we will find that word has many blank pages, these do not need to use a blank page to delete, especially for everyone less use of Office software WPS, how to deal with it?

Method 1:

Put the mouse directly on the blank page point "backspace (Backspace)" key to delete it.

Method 2:

Place the cursor at the end of the previous page of the blank page and press the Delete key.

Method 3:

Press the shortcut key Ctrl+end, and then press the BACKSPACE key to remove forward.

Method 4:

If there is a blank page on the next page due to a table at the end of the previous page, we can place the cursor on the bottom of the table box, and when the cursor becomes a double-headed arrow with the upper and lower sides, drag up the blank page as far as possible without affecting the contents of the table. If it's still not working, you can reduce the value of the bottom margin.

Method 5:

Select the blank page directly--the right key--the paragraph.

Indentation and spacing in the paragraph window--line spacing (set to a fixed value), and the setting value after the line spacing is manually entered as 1--OK, which deletes the blank page.

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