How WPS tables Import txt data

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First, open WPS, on the menu bar to execute: file-new blank document, and then we switch to the data options, find the Import data options, open it.

Second, in the Open dialog box, there are two options, the first is to open the data file directly, this allows us to import txt data; there is also an option to use the ODBC data source, which we do not use, tick the first option, and then click to select the data source.

After the completion of the selection, the system will automatically enter the text conversion options, choose Other encoding---ansi/oem--Simplified Chinese GBK. This time there will be a preview to appear, click Next.

Select from the original data type: separator symbol (d)--separate each field with a delimiter, such as a comma or a tab. The start line selection for the import is 1. Click Next.

The separator is selected as Tab key and space, this time can see the preview below. Click Next.

Six, in this step, to select a good target area, click to select the Target Area button.

Seven, this time select the target area, this example selects = $C $: $D $. If the location is identified. Click the Select Area button again to complete the TXT data import into the WPS table.

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