How WPs uses form fields and bookmarks to calculate the total score of a quiz paper

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In a paper, there will be many questions, the points of each topic are different, how to quickly calculate the total score of all the topics?, we all know that in the spreadsheet can be easily calculated, in fact, in the WPS text can also use formulas to calculate the table, but the score of each question is not in the table, But scattered at the end of each topic, how to calculate these points? We can use bookmarks to calculate the total score, but the insertion and modification of bookmarks is sometimes not very convenient, here we use a text form field to add bookmarks, easy to modify, the specific operation is as follows:

Insert a bookmark using a form field

1. After editing the paper, we insert a text form field where we need to insert a score, click the Insert tab, click the Text form field in the group of forms to insert a text form field, and by default there is gray shading, which is convenient for us to operate.

2. Double-click the Text form field you just inserted, pop-up Options window, in the default text input points, such as 20, in the bookmark entered a book signature, here we will be the title number as a book signature, easy to identify, note that the book signature can not start with a number. Such a form field bookmark with a value of 20 is created, and then the form field bookmark is inserted after each question, in turn, by the second method.

Second, the calculation of the bookmark

1. Insert the Formula field. Switch to the Insert tab, click the field button to insert the formula field where you want to insert the total score, after the equals sign, enter "one + two + three + four + five" to add up the bookmark for each question score, and the final field code is "= one + two + three + four + five"

2. Change the score. Double-click the Text form field, in the pop-up window can be modified to the score, the score is modified, you must also update the total score, with the right mouse click Total Score, in the pop-up menu click Update Field can be.

In the future, when revising the paper, only need to correct the topic and score changes on it, if the problem, you need to modify the formula, and then update the total score on it.

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