HP Computer play game automatic shutdown how to do

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HP Computer play game automatic shutdown how to do

HP computer game to play automatic shutdown solution one:

1, heat dissipation is not good. Due to the effect of weather temperature or the CPU fan is not enough and the lack of silicone grease caused by the system overheating, resulting in computer shutdown, it is recommended to check the system temperature is normal.

2, memory reasons. It is also possible to cause the computer to shut down automatically when the memory is loose in contact with the motherboard slot, and it is recommended that the memory be plugged into the motherboard. and recommends wiping the gold fingers and cleaning the slots.

3, power failure. The power supply shortage is also an important factor which causes the computer to turn off the machine automatically.

4, the system of viruses or software conflicts will also cause the computer shutdown.

5, the computer host dust too much, clean up the host dust will be fine.

6, software factors. As a result of viruses or trojans caused by computer shutdown is also everywhere, especially the recent popular shock wave, the virus will cause the system after the restart and shutdown. If you are using Windows 2000 or Windows XP system, it is recommended that you use antivirus software anti-virus after the shock wave on the patch, a failure can be resolved.

7, to see if the CPU is overheating, the CPU fan frame is solid, such as broken or unstable, unable to withstand CPU fan, CPU fan cooling capacity, the CPU temperature is too high.

8, the motherboard automatic protection function will automatically shutdown, there is the CPU fan screws loose early!

9, the host power supply problems, or the voltage has a large fluctuations in the AC power supply can be added.

10, not recommended in Safe mode antivirus, not to break the network reload system, troubleshooting system.

HP computer game automatic shutdown solution two:

1, regular cleaning computer fan dust, add lubricating oil, silica gel, to ensure that the computer built-in fan easy to use.

2, if the computer built-in fan is not good to buy a radiator, to cool the computer.

In order to make the cooling effect better, you can use something to lift Four corners of the notebook to make it more distance from the desktop, I was using four plastic lid. These are external.

3, also can reduce the computer to run the program, occupy memory, less CPU, in order to reduce the workload of the computer, no use of the program does not install.

Like what:

A, security software installation version is larger or more, this accounted for relatively large (and Rob resources all kinds), recommend you can try Tencent Computer Butler, free professional security software, anti-virus management of the two in one, accounting for small memory, good anti-virus, good protection, accurate report manslaughter. You can also upgrade your computer butler to the latest version of the test. 8.0 New edition specially strengthened the resource occupation, the resource occupies extremely low

B, there is a virus trojan, occupy resources, the proposal can often clean up antivirus. If you encounter a stubborn Trojan, you can enter Safe Mode antivirus look, you can use the Tencent Computer Butler Toolbox-stubborn wood Marks (powerful killing), you can also try to crush the file yo.

4, software, in the use of computers with Tencent computer Butler-hardware management of temperature monitoring, you can better reduce the temperature of the computer.

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