HPUX (console is on a serial device, no further output will appear on this output device)

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Console is on a serial device
No further output will appear on this output device
On the screen, the black screen shows that the console is on a serial device no further output will appear on this output device keyboard and mouse does not respond. Telnet connection should be OK, this problem was discovered when I used KVM again after I used Telnet. What is the problem? By the way, many Telnet connections are enabled before, and the network cables are directly pulled after the operations are completed. Is it because there are too many connections and there is no normal disconnection? How can this problem be solved? Everyone is tired and teaches me how to do this.
It should be output to the serial port device and need to be changed to display output
Solution: Change the display device to VGA In the Startup menu (there are two options, one for the console and one for the VGA)
Set console output to VGA, and change the serial port from primary to disable.
I was able to do what I wanted: Set the console output to the VGA port and reset the system without any problem. after a few minutes I got the message "console output is on a serial device-no further output will be displayed in this device" and after waiting some more minutes I got my graphical login as I wanted.

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