HS4, HS6 USB oscilloscope, USB virtual oscilloscope, multi-channel data analysis software function diagram

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HS3, HS4, HS5, HS6 USB high-speed USB virtual oscilloscope not only has the full function of the acquisition card, but also includes two development, Labview,matlab call, the most important is

Equipped with a powerful set of multifunctional instrument analysis software including (Digital storage oscilloscope, FFT spectrum Analyzer, Arbitrary waveform generator, transient \ Continuous waveform recorder, digital multi-use table, I²C Protocol Analyzer, can bus analyzer, serial analyzer, J1939 decoding, SM Bus, PM bus, Twi Bus, Access bus, audio analytics, MIDI, DMX analysis, and more). Here are some of the main features: Software can be downloaded www.pc17.com.cn.

oscilloscope function:
The oscilloscope is an electronic measuring instrument with a very wide application. It can transform the invisible electrical signals into visible images, which makes it easy for people to study the changing process of various electrical phenomena. Virtual oscilloscope is the ability of using the powerful function of the existing computer to collect the signal in combination with high-speed acquisition card, it can depict the change curve of instantaneous value of the measured signal on the screen surface. Oscilloscope can be used to observe a variety of different signal amplitude over time waveform curve, you can also use it to test a variety of different power, such as voltage, current, frequency, phase difference, amplitude and so on. The oscilloscope is used to display the voltage of the acquisition signal, with the time (YT) or the other signal voltage (XY) plotted.
The oscilloscope function in the multi-channel oscilloscope software can have one or more large, fully configurable graphs, each of which can display different parts of the signal. The measured signal can be copied to the reference channel to compare the real-time signal with the earlier measured signal.

The cursor can be used for screen measurements in the oscilloscope, as well as t=0 lines to indicate the trigger time. The signal can give a descriptive name, and a legend can be used to simplify the identification of the displayed signal. You can place a text label to mark a useful part of the signal.
In order to display all the details of the measurement signal, the oscilloscope provides infinite magnification in both vertical and horizontal directions. All zoom actions can be performed with the Undo zoom function.


Spectrum Analyzer Features :

Spectrum Analyzer is an instrument to study the spectrum structure of electrical signals, which is used to measure signal distortion, modulation system, spectral purity, frequency stability and intermodulation distortion, and can be used to measure some parameters of circuit system such as amplifiers and filters, and the spectrum analyzer is a kind of instrument which shows the relation of amplitude and frequency of signal in frequency domain. It will show which frequency components are present in the signal and the strength of those signals. With the spectrum analyzer, small harmonic distortion on the signal can be shown better than the oscilloscope. In the time domain, the sine wave looks good, but in the frequency domain, the harmonic distortion is visible.
On the oscilloscope, the noise signal can be regarded as completely random in the time domain, and it can be seen in the frequency domain of the spectrum analyzer that there is mainly a frequency.
In the frequency domain, it is very simple to determine the carrier frequency, modulation frequency, modulation level, and modulation distortion from the modulated signal (AM or FM).

Multimeter function:

A multimeter is an instrument that measures a signal and then determines one or more specific characteristics of the signal and displays them as numerical values.
A multimeter can be used to measure or monitor specific characteristics of a signal, such as RMS values, frequency, maximum, and so on. Multichannel oscilloscope software can have any number of fully configurable displays, or display measured values as numbers or using a graphical multimeter display. When using a graphical multimeter display, when adjusting the circuit for a specific feature, such as adjusting the offset to 0 o'clock, it can be very helpful to observe.

Arbitrary waveform generator Function:

Arbitrary waveform generator is a signal source, it has all the characteristics of the signal source. In our traditional cognition, the signal source mainly provides the required known signal (various waveforms) to the circuit under test, and then uses other instruments to measure the parameters of interest. The modern arbitrary waveform generator is an instrument capable of producing repetitive or single-shot transmission signals. Simulation of various test signals, provided to the circuit to be tested to meet the needs of the test in the conventional function generator, the signal can be in a predefined standard pattern display sine or square wave. However, the signal can also be customized by the user in any shape. These signals can be created using a multichannel oscilloscope software or an external program, or it can be a signal previously measured and loaded in a generator by an oscilloscope.

The function generator is an indispensable tool in the test circuit. It can be used to apply a signal to the circuit being tested to test the function of the circuit.

A specific application of an arbitrary waveform generator is the ability to generate simulations of certain external conditions without the need for a signal with actual conditions. An example of this is the generation of previously measured crankshaft sensor signals and their application to motor management systems in automobiles. The various components in the engine management system can be tested without the engine running. In addition, systems that rely on serial communication signals can be tested in this way.

protocol analyzer function;

A protocol analyzer is a measuring instrument that analyzes one or more signals that communicate between electronic devices according to a specific protocol. The protocol analyzer checks the signal and decodes the transmitted information. Decoding information can be displayed in graphics, analog dashboards, and lists.

The protocol Analyzer is a useful tool when developing hardware and/or software implementations of the communication bus. can also be used when debugging a device or bus failure.

The multi-channel oscilloscope software includes the following protocol analyzers:

Can bus analyzer


I²C Analyzer

Serial RS232 Analyzer


Data Logger features :

A data logger is an instrument that directly records data signals and is used to display the signal voltage, which is plotted based on time (Yt) or another signal voltage (XY).

A data logger is an ideal instrument for measuring slowly changing signals, such as temperature changes in a room. While capturing the entire process, any changes to the input signal are immediately visible.

Another application of the data logger is to measure long, non-repetitive signals, such as serial communication signals, which will continue to be too long to be captured in the hardware's internal memory.

In short, HS series HS4, HS5, HS6 virtual oscilloscope multi-channel data analysis software function is comprehensive, each function is very perfect, powerful, almost can solve any measurement problem, combined with HS series USB data Acquisition card two times the development library, almost all the collection analysis display.

Support two development. Supported by C + +, C language, Delphi, Java, LabVIEW, Matlab, Python, VB. NET, free UD Library-Package low-level protocol.

If you understand further: www.pc17.com.cn

HS4, HS6 USB oscilloscope, USB virtual oscilloscope, multi-channel data analysis software function diagram

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